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Photo: James Lowell Jackson

James Lowell Jackson

Buffalo, NY
Arts Services Initiative of Western NY
  • Analyzed two separate studies done on the economic impact of nonprofit arts and cultural organizations by comparing differences in their methodology and data collection, noting similarities, and crafting suggestions for further research.  
  • Designed outreach to promote ASI’s program, Arts Access, which gives Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipients free tickets to arts and cultural venues throughout the region. Mapped the frequency of venues that were attended as well as the geography of people who utilized the service to enhance future offerings of the program. 
  • Helped plan and run ASI’s inaugural Spark Awards, which recognized local artists and also served as a fundraiser for the organization.

“Up to now, I never really thought of the nonprofit sector as an economically viable career option for me. However, looking past finances, I now have a greater sense of how this type of work is internally satisfying. I became very invested in Arts Access and enjoyed all my work with that program. I can easily see myself working on something similar in the future. High Roads has shown me another option that I now can more seriously consider.”

“The work Lowell has completed has helped extend ASI’s capacity by filling in where needed and advancing several projects including the economic impact study, making huge strides in the preparation and planning of our first largescale fundraiser, taking initiative and advancement with the Arts Access program, among others. Honestly, his work has been instrumental for us.”

Jennifer Swan,

Associate Director for ASI of WNY