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Buffalo Co-Lab

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Buffalo Co-Lab advances an equitable economy and democratic community, collaboratively integrating scholarly and practical understanding to strengthen civic action.

Jacob Barnes

Photo: Jacob Barnes
Buffalo, NY
Partnership for the Public Good
  • Conducted research and performed data analysis showing testing outcomes correlated to poverty rates in the Buffalo Public School District.
  • Collected community input for the Open Buffalo project and compiled a database used to analyze trends of the most pressing issues.
  • Researched the Limited English Proficiency plans of the City and County to improve language access to government services.
  • Created marketing materials and formulated database for PPG’s annual fundraiser, Shakespearean Idol, which was its most successful yet.

"When I began my studies at Cornell, I came with deeplyrooted interests in both economics and sociology. As I progressed through my first two years at ILR, I was able to narrow my originally broad interests in the social sciences into a passion for public policy and community action and engagement. After attending an informational session for the High Road, I felt that the program was very tailored to those interests. This summer, I’m working with the Partnership for the Public Good (PPG), an organization committed to actionoriented research and policy development. PPG has over 140 partner organizations, and its ranks are growing. I’ve learned that language accessibility is a big issue for Buffalo, which has become one of the top resettlement sites for refugees in New York State. I’m thrilled to be conducting my own research and developing a policy plan on language accessibility in government organizations. I’m excited to come out of this summer with real, hands-on experience in policy research and insight into the day-to-day functioning of community-oriented, nonprofit organizations"