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Buffalo Co-Lab advances an equitable economy and democratic community, collaboratively integrating scholarly and practical understanding to strengthen civic action.

Jackson Booth

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Fredonia, NY
43 North
  • Responsible for facilitating the 2018 startup competition's judging logistics. This included scheduling judges for meetings, facilitating access to the online judging platform, leading judging meetings, and compiling and analyzing judging scores and other data derived from the process.
  • Performed diligence research on the market claims of applicants to the competition and interviewed applicant advisors as part of the broader diligence process.
  • Updated and expanded a local resource guide for 43North competition winners to encourage local sourcing and strengthen ties between the companies and the WNY community.
  • Helped plan and launch the inaugural Ignite Buffalo competition—a business grant and mentorship program that promotes sustainable growth, job creation, and ongoing education to local small business owners.

“By working on 43North’s competition operations, I helped find new companies that will make a positive impact in the Buffalo Niagara region through job creation and wealth generation. Additionally, my summer project will aid in Buffalo’s startup retention. This has been a great summer—I have had the opportunity to lead conversations with some very influential business leaders; just last Thursday I spoke with the first-ever employee at Yahoo!, who now helps run the most prestigious startup accelerator in Silicon Valley. 43North is truly bringing in some of the top talent in the world,”

--From Jackson’s Final Evaluation

“This is 43North's first year participating in the High Road Fellowship program, and we've loved working with Jackson and Jean so far! They are helping us manage the judging process for our competition, which entails communicating with dozens of judges, reviewing scores, and conducting diligence calls to advisors and professional references.”

--Lauren Baynes, Associate Vice President of Portfolio Management & Selection