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Emile Bensedrine

Emile Bensedrine

AAP, '23
High Road Fellowships - Buffalo, NY
Shared Mobility, Inc.

What Did You Work On: I worked with Shared Mobility Inc., a Buffalo-based nonprofit that recently procured 3,000 e-bikes as a donation and are working in collaboration with East Side Bike Club (ESBC) to start e-bike libraries: places where people can get free e-bikes on long-term loan. In my placement, I researched precedent bike library programs around the world, interviewing their facilitators and gathering best practices that are relevant to the ESBC. I also attended community rides with the ESBC and gathered testimonials about their nascent E-Bike Library program. I also developed surveys and analog community feedback tools to be put up in the shop.

Summer Takeaway:  There were so many takeaways from this summer, just a couple that I have learned (or have been reinforced). This includes the importance of consistently showing up for the people you work with. Another important takeaway for me is rather than stretch oneself too thin, make allies and invite more people in. Movements are about everyone contributing their skills in the best way they can. High Road definitely taught me that I want to do more on-the-ground work with people, working with them while also hearing their stories and working to change the city for the better.

Career Goals:  After the High Road, I will be going into my Senior Year, and I am currently keeping my options open for how things will go.

Shout Out:  I want to give a big shout out to my supervisor, Mitch LaRosa for keeping me on track throughout the program and encouraging me to go out of my comfort zone. I also want to give a huge shoutout to the entire SMI team, you are all super awesome and the work each of you do is making a big impact. I also want to shoutout all the great people I had the honor to meet at the ESBC and, hopefully, we will ride again soon! Also big shoutout for Sydney and José for learning to ride bikes!