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Elizabeth Kane

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Human Ecology '20
Buffalo, NY
Learning Disabilities Association of WNY
  • Team member for LEAD716 program, providing critically needed early academic intervention to preschool children in Western New York diagnosed with elevated lead levels in their blood.
  • Enhanced public education around lead poisoning by writing newsletter articles including signs and resources.
  • Wrote a report compiling national best practices around early intervention.
  • Evaluated state and city information available on early intervention services for lead exposed children.
  • Participated in outreach events on early intervention services with hundreds of families in the community.

“My work in LEAD716 so far has provided unexpected opportunities to investigate this and similar cases of advocacy complementing public health and medicine. And as someone who hopes to become a medical doctor and work in some capacity towards advancing public health, this has provided valuable food for thought for how, in the long term, I might be able to take my medical expertise and interactions with community members to the table to advance positive community changes. Thus, although my summer work product is still developing, I have become immersed in understanding lead poisoning as a major but under-recognized public health issue in Buffalo that carries complex social justice, environmental justice and education rights implications.”

–From Elizabeth’s Reflection Journal

“Elizabeth Kane has been working with me on the LEAD716 project, working to minimize the effect of lead on preschool children in Western New York. I value Elizabeth’s insight and have enjoyed working with her these past few weeks. She is both easy-going and driven. Elizabeth is highly capable with simple, day-to-day tasks, as well as with more challenging, protracted projects. She is a big-picture thinker, smart researcher, and she is highly motivated. I have no doubt after her High Road Fellowship experience Elizabeth will move forward and find other ways to make a positive impact in the lives of others.”

-- Leah Bartlo, Project Director LEAD716