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Photo: Damian O'Sullivan

Damian O'Sullivan

Buffalo, NY
International Institute of Buffalo
  • Conducted an analysis to quantitatively demonstrate the effects of refugees on the local economy.
  • Reached out to over 200 refugees that found work through the Institute's employment program in 2013 to examine the specific effects of the International Institute's programs. Other research methods involved pouring through both electronic and handwritten documents, interviews with limited English speakers, and primary research into tax filings and secondary research from across the globe.
  • Taught ESL classes and basic skills to clients of the International Institute. 

“The High Road Fellowship is a program well suited to an ILR education and provides us with opportunity to contribute to a nonprofit organization that we select because it has meaning to us. The exposure to the economic development efforts of the city too has proven to be a positive experience.”

“More than anything, Damian struck us as professional and mature beyond his years- he accepted his assignment with carefully prepared questions and a thoroughness that we hadn’t expected from a Freshman undergrad. Damian’s finished project was nothing-less than publishable, graduate-level work! We are utilizing his findings in grant requests and presentations, and could not have hoped for something so applicable and of such high quality!”

Eve Wilson,

Employment Specialist with the International Institute of Buffalo