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Buffalo Co-Lab

skyline of Buffalo

Buffalo Co-Lab advances an equitable economy and democratic community, collaboratively integrating scholarly and practical understanding to strengthen civic action.

Cameron Walsh

Photo of Cameron Walsh
BS ILR, 2014
Buffalo, NY
WNY Law Center, High Road

Work Highlights

This High Road Fellow worked with law faculty and law students in a project to form a land bank (a mechanism to recycle vacant land and buildings) with the City of Buffalo. They researched successful urban land bank projects such as Flint, Michigan, and assist in identifying priority properties for the Buffalo land bank.

Student Insights

Having grown up on the outskirts of the city, I was not fully aware of the non-profit culture that is so alive and well in Buffalo. In addition to that, I was also not as cognizant of the community-based organizations that are thriving and expanding in the Buffalo region. Seeing organizations come together to sponsor community-based events such as Shakespearean Idol was extremely riveting and enlightening, affording all of the High Road fellows a chance to see how vested powerful individuals were in the community and turning it into a better place to live, work, and play.