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Callie McQuilkin

A&S, '22
Democracy Summer Fellowships - Buffalo, NY
Erie County Deputy County Executive's Office

Work Highlight: 

Publishing, "Remembering the Lessons of Crisis: An Oral History of How Erie County Survived the Pandemic".


Summer Takeaway: 

in my ability to learn technical skills (let's go Python!). I've learned that there are a lot of activists in the world doing inspiring work. Meeting so many speakers passionate about in some way making an impact (whether that be through union organizing, police reform, or their many other interested) -- that energized me to take on my own challenges. Additionally, for my job -- conducting an oral history for the county -- I had to interview 60 people! The work made me realize I want a career where I'm doing the same, constantly greeting new faces and having good conversations.


Career Path: I want to be a policymaker at the city level (preferably in NYC, but we'll see where life takes me!)


Favorite Memory: 

My crazy 2 weeks in Buffalo, trying to interview 50 people in 10 days!