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Alexander Chakrin

Alexander Chakrin

Buffalo, NY
WNY Law Center
  • Conducted qualitative and quantitative research for a project addressing the foreclosure process for homeowners that analyzed the effectiveness of settlement conferences in preventing foreclosures. This work will help formulate the Law Center’s policy advocacy going forward.  
  • Attended settlement conferences and spoke with Law Center clients, judges, court personnel and legislators about the effectiveness of the settlement conference process. 
  • Staffed and helped coordinate a program for a local coalition promoting a city-wide ordinance that would require local banks to improve certain lending practices and make those practices more transparent. 

"In light of all that needs to be done, I have encountered optimism and interest among members of the community. Organizations and community members truly care about fixing problems in the community; it is telling about Buffalo that so many organizations are giving input about their ideas for the city.” 

“Alex was a real pleasure to have at the Law Center. He was always looking to learn more about the foreclosure process. He was a keen observer and did an excellent job at appropriately using testimonials and client voices to illustrate the data he produced.”

Kate Lockhart,

Western New York Law Center Paralegal