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Adam Dietz

Adam Dietz

BSILR, '23
High Road Fellowships - Buffalo, NY
South Buffalo Community Association

What Did You Work On: My main task at South Buffalo Community Association is to conduct a community needs assessment survey. The responses to this survey will be used to determine what areas the organization should expand into in the future. I also assist with services for local seniors. 

Summer Takeaway:  I learned Buffalo is a pretty cool place. The principles of High Road Economic Development insist that public investment should result in equitably distributed economic growth. For this to occur, people must work on the ground and be in direct contact with individual community members. This approach contrasts with the government's traditional strategy of throwing money at large corporations that conduct purely symbolic projects which only benefit their wealthy owners. 

Career Goals: Potentially Law School

Shout Out: Shoutout to Carson for being the GOAT