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Photo: Allison Considine

Allison Considine

Buffalo, NY
Partnership for the Public Good
  • Assisted with compliance and monitoring efforts for the City’s Living Wage Commission. Compiled a report on the state of the living wage in Buffalo. The report details successes of the ordinance and areas for improvement by reviewing contracts under compliance and the impact on individual workers. Conducted interviews with workers and employers to gather testimonials about the effect of the ordinance.
  • Revised Buffalo Brief fact sheets on employment and poverty data in Buffalo.
  • Created a directory of former High Roaders to enable better tracking and networking for the fellowship.

“One of the most valuable things from this program is the range of Cornellians I've become friends with who I otherwise would never have met. We're all very different, and likely wouldn't have crossed paths or connected in our day to day at school, but living here, talking about the issues we're passionate about, despite seeing everyone go a little crazy from heat and sleep deprivation, has been amazing.”

“Having Allison as a Summer Fellow this year made PPG a better organization. She was an enthusiastic presence and her efforts significantly increased the capacity of the Living Wage Commission. We are excited to see her work continued as we build a network of engaged High Road alumni.”

Megan Connelly,

PPG and Living Wage Commission Co-chair