Cornell in Buffalo

As the Land Grant University of New York, Cornell has had a presence in Buffalo from its early days—Cornell Aeronautical Labs, Cornell Cooperative Extension, Cornell ILR School—all with a rich history of linking cutting-edge research and education with real world practice.

The ILR School opened its first extension office in 1946, in downtown Buffalo, from where faculty and staff have continuously worked to improve the workplace and advance a productive, fair and sustainable economy over seven decades. Today Cornell ILR staff, in active collaboration with colleagues on campus, provide education, research and technical expertise on workplace safety and health, labor and employment law, industry analysis, labor-community initiatives, the social economy, and environmental sustainability. ILR Buffalo initiatives are uniquely attuned to the remarkable regeneration of the Greater Buffalo economy and its challenges of sustainable development, equitable opportunity, and quality jobs.  

Cornell in Buffalo brings together innovative partners in a new networked office complex in the historic Market Arcade on Main Street. The ILR School, the Worker Institute, High Road Fellowships, Cornell Cooperative Extension, and Partnership for the Public Good have co-located to create an engaged learning center that facilitates the interchange of applied knowledge and resources between Cornell and the Buffalo community.  

Greater Buffalo is home to many Cornell alums, working in all sectors of the economy and networked through a vital Cornell Club. Numerous area employers recruit heavily from Cornell graduate and undergraduate programs. This sound foundation supports exciting new Buffalo-Cornell initiatives for promoting knowledge with a public purpose while strengthening and expanding opportunities for practitioners, working adults, and young people in our community.

Together, we are creating Buffalo Commons, a dynamic hub of innovative research, engaged learning and civic activity—a collaborative space shared by organizations dedicated to the advancement of social and economic progress and the promotion of knowledge for the public good.