Negotiating with Difficult People (LR356)

Negotiation can be an important tool for rational, problem-solving, where each side is encouraged to “separate the people from the problem.”  But what if the people are the problem?  This course teaches the key strategic and tactical process and behavioral choices that separate rational problem solving and rational competitive bargaining from negotiating with the irrational, violent and narcissistic in the workplace. 

Drawing on the techniques used by hostage negotiators, suicide and crises interveners  and international peace-makers, this interactive course gives participants many opportunities to practice the behavioral and communication techniques necessary to deal with:

  • Hardball competitive tactics
  • Manipulating ego maniacs and narcissists
  • Tribal politics and the “us/other” mindset
  • Liars and manipulators
  • Extreme emotional and crisis situations

Key emphasis is placed on how these techniques can be used in dealing with difficult people in everyday work life as well as in formal negotiations.  This course is a part of the Advanced Collective Bargaining Certificate.   


Dan McCray, Esq.

Director of Labor Relations Programs
Deputy Director of the Scheinman Institute on Conflict Resolution

Dan develops and administers Conflict Resolution, Labor Relations programs at Cornell ILR School and the Scheinman Institute in New York City. He practiced Labor, Education and Municipal Law for 15 years in New York City, Nassau County and the District of Columbia, and served as Director of Labor Relations for DC Public Schools, Nassau County, and the New York City Department of Education.

James Shanahan


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