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April 22 2009

Kelly Pike awarded grant

Kelly Pike, an ILR MS/PhD student majoring in conflict resolution has recently been awarded an International Programs grant to present her research at the International Association for Conflict Management conference in Kyoto, Japan in June. Her advisor is Professor David Lipsky.

Kelly's paper draws from her thesis, which is a case study of nursing homes whereby she analyzes workplace climate through the lens of managerial perspective on conflict. 

"Having the opportunity to present this paper to an audience of scholars in this field will prove invaluable, not just in terms of feedback (which will ultimately improve the quality of my paper and thus chances for publication) but also for the exposure and networking as I continue to carve my niche in this domain," Kelly said. 

"Attending sessions on this conference also promises to broaden my perspective, as conflict will be approached from a variety of angles­ organizational, international, etc. ­ allowing me to become more knowledgeable about conflict resolution as a multi-faceted field," she added.

Download the paper (pdf)