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Most of the documents found on the Working Papers web pages are available only as Adobe Acrobat PDF files. An Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded here. Click on each paper to open it in a new window, or right click on the link and choose "Save As" to save the document to your computer. Some of the supplementary tables and charts may require Microsoft Excel. If you need further assistance, please contact Darrie O'Connell.

2010 Working Papers

WP 138 Organizing to Organize: The case of a successful long-haul campaign for collective bargaining rights Kevin Kniffin
WP 137 Governor's Choice: Gender Composition of Trustee Boards at Public Universities Mirinda Martin
WP 136 The Impact of Class Size and Number of Students on Outcomes in Higher Education James Monks and Robert Schmidt
 WP 135  Measuring the Cost of a College Degree: A Case Study of a SUNY Community College Richard M. Romano, Regina Losinger, and Tim Millard
 WP 134  Financing and Restructuring Doctoral Education in the Future Ronald G. Ehrenberg
Rethinking The Professoriate Ronald G. Ehrenberg

Attrition in STEM Fields at a Liberal Arts College: The Importance of Grades and Pre-Collegiate Preferences

Kevin Rask

Differences in Persistence Patterns Between Life and Physical Science Majors: The Role of Grades, Peers, and Preparation

Ben Ost


Who Succeeds In Engineering And Other Stem Studies:
An Analysis Of Binghamton University 
Undergraduate Students
Edward C. Kokkelenberg and Esha Sinha
WP 129


The Effect of Instructor Race and Gender on Student Persistence in STEM Fields
Joshua Price
WP 128
Persistence of women and minorities in STEM field majors: Is it the school that matters?

Amanda L. Griffith