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2005 CHERI Working Papers

Most of the documents found on the Working Papers web pages are available only as Adobe Acrobat PDF files. An Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded here. Click on each paper to open it in a new window, or right click on the link and choose "Save As" to save the document to your computer. Some of the supplementary tables and charts may require Microsoft Excel. If you need further assistance, please contact Darrie O'Connell.

2005 Working Papers
WP 85
"Key Issues Facing Trustees of National Research Universities In The Decade Ahead" (December 2005) Ronald Ehrenberg
WP 84
"Union and Union Threat Premiums Among Graduate Student Stipends" (December 2005) Albert Yung-Hsu Liu
WP 83
"Inside The Black Box of Doctoral Education: What Program Characteristics Influence Doctoral Students' Attrition and Graduation Probabilities?" (December 2005) forthcoming in "Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis", forthcoming in S. Conlin-Kickert and R. Rothenstein eds, Reducing Inequality in Higher Education (Russell Sage) Ronald Ehrenberg, George Jakubson, Jeffrey Groen, Eric So and Joseph Price
WP 82
"Should Top Universities Be Led By Top Researchers and Are They?" (October 2005) forthcoming in the Journal of Documentation, Volume 62 (2006) Amanda Goodall
WP 81
"Relative Tuition Levels and the Educational Focus of First-time Fulltime Community College Students" (September 2005) forthcoming in the Economics of Education Review Andrew Nutting
WP 80
"Title IX Compliance and Preference for Men in College Admissions" (September 2005) James Monks
WP 79
"Reducing Inequality in Higher Education: Where do We Go From Here?" (September 2005) Ronald Ehrenberg
WP 78
"The Changing Nature of the Faculty and Faculty Employment Practices" (September 2005) published in the The New Balancing Act in the Business of Higher Education (Elgar, 2006) Ronald Ehrenberg
WP 77
"The Perfect Storm and the Privatization of Public Higher Education" (September 2005) published in Change, (Jan/Feb 2006) Ronald Ehrenberg
WP 76
"The Influence of the U.S. News and World Report Collegiate Rankings on the Matriculation Decision of High-Ability Students: 1995-2004." (September 2005) forthcoming in the Economics of Education Review Amanda Griffith and Kevin Rask
WP 75
"Marriage and Graduate Student Outcomes" (July 2005) Joseph Price
WP 74
"Community College Revenue Disparities: What Accounts for an Urban College Deficit?" (July 2005) Alicia Dowd
WP 73
"Equity and Efficiency of Community College Appropriations: The Role of Local Financing" published in the Review of Higher Education (2006) Alicia Dowd and John Grant
WP 72
"If Community College Students Are so Poor Why Do Only 16.9% Of Them Receive Pell Grants?" (April 2005) published in Community College Journal of Research and Practice (April/May 2006) Richard Romano and Timothy Millard
WP 71
"Crafting A Class: The Trade Off Between Merit Scholarships and Enrolling Lower-Income Students" published in the Review of Higher Education, (Winter 2006) Ronald Ehrenberg, Liang Zhang, and Jared Levin
WP 70
"Going Broke by Degree: A Review Essay" published in the Journal of Labor Research (April 2005) Ronald Ehrenberg
WP 69
"Declining PhD Attainment of Graduates of Selective Private Academic Instutions" (April 2005) published in Education Finance and Policy (Winter 2007) Ronald Ehrenberg, Jeffrey Groen, and Mathew Nagowski
WP 68
"The SUNY Tuition Guarantee Proposal" (March 2005) Ronald Ehrenberg
WP 67
"The Effects of Class Size on Student Achievement in Higher Education" (February 2005) forthcoming in the Economics of Education Review Edward Kokkelenberg, Michael Dillon, and Sean Christy
WP 66
"Do Community College Students Benefit When Transferring with Other Transfers?: A Cross-Section Peer Effects Analysis" (February 2005/Updated September 2008) Andrew Nutting
WP 65
"Graduate Education, Innovation and Federal Responsibility" (February 2005); published in the Communicator (2005)
Ronald Ehrenberg
WP 64
"Do Measures of College Quality Matter?: The Effect of College Quality on Graduates' Earnings" (February 2005) published in the Journal of Higher Education (Summer 2005) Liang Zhang
WP 63
"Crowd Out or Opt Out: The Changing Landscape of Doctorate Production in American Universities" (February 2005) Liang Zhang
WP 62
"Post-Baccalaureate Wage Growth within Four Years of Graduation: The Effects of College Quality and College Major" (February 2005) published in Research in Higher Education (June 2005) Scott Thomas and Liang Zhang
WP 61
"Quest for Knowledge and Pursuit of Grades: Grade Information and Inflation at an Ivy League School?" (January 2005) Talia Bar and Asaf Zussman
WP 60
"Why Do Field Differentials In Average Faculty Salary Vary Across Universities?" (revised June 2005) published in the Economics of Education Review (June 2006) Ronald G. Ehrenberg, Marquise McGraw, and Jesenka Mrdjenovic