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2004 CHERI Working Papers

Most of the documents found on the Working Papers web pages are available only as Adobe Acrobat PDF files. An Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded here. Click on each paper to open it in a new window, or right click on the link and choose "Save As" to save the document to your computer. Some of the supplementary tables and charts may require Microsoft Excel. If you need further assistance, please contact Darrie O'Connell.

2004 Working Papers
WP 59
"The Relative Earnings of Contingent Faculty in Higher Education" (December 2004) James Monks
WP 58
"Public versus Private University Presidents Pay Levels and Structure" (December 2004) James Monks
WP 57
"Understanding Faculty Out-of-Class Interaction with Undergraduate Students at a Research University" (November 2004) Marne Einarson and Marin Clarkberg
WP 56
"Involving Undergraduates in Research to Encourage Them to Undertake PhD Study in Economics" (December 2004) published in the American Economic Review (May 2005) Ronald Ehrenberg
WP 55
"The Public Interest In Higher Education" (November 2004) Michael Rizzo
WP 54
"Time-of-Transfer and the Outcomes of Attending a Four-Year College: Evidence from SUNY" (November 2004) Andrew Nutting
WP 53
"Do Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty Matter?" (Revised December 2004) published in the Journal of Human Resources (Summer 2005) Ronald Ehrenberg and Liang Zhang
WP 52
"A (Less Than) Zero Sum Game? State Funding For Public Education: How Public Higher Education Institutions Have Lost" (August 2004) Michael Rizzo
WP 51
"Advance to Graduate Education: The Effect of College Quality and Undergraduate Majors" (June 2004) published in the Review of Higher Education (Spring 2005) Liang Zhang
WP 50
"Why Universities Need Institutional Researchers More Than They Realize?" (April 2004) Revised version published in Research in Higher Education (May 2005) Ronald Ehrenberg
WP 49
"The Future of Affirmative Action" (May 2004) Ronald Ehrenberg
WP 48
"The Changing Composition of American-Citizen PhDs" (March 2004) forthcoming in R. Ehrenberg and P. Stephan eds., Science and the University (University of Wisconsin Press) Jeffrey A. Groen and Michael J. Rizzo
WP 47
"Changes in the Academic Labor Market for Economists" (March 9, 2004) published in the Journal of Economic Perspectives (Summer 2004) Ronald Ehrenberg
WP 46
"Key Issues Currently Facing American Higher Education" (February 2004) published in Charles Beech eds., Higher Education in Canada (McGill University Press, 2005) Ronald Ehrenberg
WP 45
"Gender Equity in Intercollegiate Athletics: Determinants of Title IX Compliance" (February 2004) published in the Journal of Higher Education (March/April 2006) D. J. Anderson, J. J. Cheslock and R. G. Ehrenberg
WP 44
"The Changing Nature of Faculty Employment" (January 2004) published in Recruitment, Retention, and Retirement (Elgar, 2006) Ronald Ehrengberg and Liang Zhang