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"Science and the University"

Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

May 20 - 21, 2003

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A PDF file of the preliminary schedule of events of the conference can be found here.

The Future Supply of Academic Scientists
"The Importance of Foreign Ph.D. Students to U.S. Science" Grant Black and Paula Stephan (Georgia State University)
"The Changing Composition of American Citizen PhDs" Jeffrey Groen and Michael Rizzo (CHERI, Cornell University)
"Where Do New US-Trained Science-Engineering PhDs Come From?" Richard Freeman (Economics, Harvard University) and Emily Jin (NBER)
Foreign Scholars in U.S. Science and Engineering
"Foreign Scholars in U.S. Science: Contributions and Costs" Paula Stephan (Georgia State University) and Sharon Levin (Economics, University of Missouri - St. Louis)
"The Impact of Foreign Students on Native Enrollment in Graduate Programs" George Borjas (JFK School of Public Policy, Harvard University)
The Costs and Benefits of Science
"Who Bears the Growing Costs of Science at the University?" Ronald Ehrenberg, Michael Rizzo, and George Jakubson (Labor Economics, Cornell University)
"Patterns of Research and Licensing Activity of Science and Engineering Faculty" Marie Thursby (Dupree College of Management, Georgia Tech) and Jerry Thursby (Economics, Emory University)
The Commercialization of Science and Earmarks in the Research Funding Process
"University Science Research Funding: Privatizing Policy and Practice" Risa Lieberwitz (Labor Law, Cornell University)
"Commercialization and the Scientific Research Process: The Example of Plant Breeding" Ronnie Coffman (Plant Breeding, Cornell University), W. H. Lesser (Applied Economics, Cornell University), and S.R. McCouch (Plant Breeding, Cornell University)
"Academic Earmarks and the Returns to Lobbying"

NOTE: The conference version of Figueiredo's "Academic Earmarks and the Returns to Lobbying" is not available yet. However, an earlier version was issued as National Bureau of Economic Research Working Paper 9064 and is available on the web at for those people at institutions that have subscriptions to the NBER working paper series.

John De Figueiredo (Sloan School of Management, MIT)
The Scientific Research Process
"The Workforce for Biological Research" Susan Gerbi (Molecular Biology, Brown University) and Howard Garrison (FASEB)
"The Future of U.S. Researchers in a Globally Competitive World" Diana Hicks (CHI Research Inc.)
Luncheon Speaker
"The NRC Assessment of Doctoral Programs" Charlotte Kuh (National Research Council)
Keynote Speaker
"Some Ethical Dimensions of Scientific Progress" Harold Shapiro, President Emeritus, Princeton University