Graduate Degree Programs

MILR students attending a workshop

The ILR School's unique depth and breadth sets it apart from other programs. No other educational institution has graduate programs in workplace studies that are as comprehensive, or have the number of faculty teaching and doing research on workplace issues in one school. The curriculum is thorough, rigorous and comprehensive, combining experience and theory in innovative ways.

Executive Master of Human Resource Management (EMHRM Online)

- a selective and challenging 15-month program designed for high-potential human resources professionals with eight or more years of experience who want to pursue an advanced degree without interrupting their careers. Because much of this program is delivered online, it can be completed anywhere in the world. It prepares students to enter senior HR roles and to develop and deploy human capital strategies worldwide.

Master of Industrial and Labor Relations (MILR)

- a two year professional, career-focused degree for those interested in putting their education into practice. The MILR is specifically for students preparing to enter the workforce or professionals who wish to enhance their education and skills. Concentrations include Human Resources and Organizations, International and Comparative Labor, Collective Representation, Dispute Resolution, and Labor Market Policy.

MILR/Master of Business Administration (MILR/MBA)

- a powerful dual-degree offered jointly by the ILR School and the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management giving graduates a powerful double credential highly valued by employers. The MILR/MBA offers a unique opportunity for students to gain a competitive edge in today's fast changing, increasingly complex workplace.

MILR/Master in Management ESCP Europe (MILR/MiM)

- a global three year sequential program allowing students the opportunity for an international experience that will advance their career goals and increase their marketability worldwide with degrees from the ILR School and ESCP Europe, including the option to study at 5 fully-integrated campuses in Europe: Paris, London, Madrid, Berlin, and Torino.

Master of Science and the Doctor of Philosophy (MS/PhD)

- an academic degree for advanced students planning to work in research and education in a specialized area within the field of Industrial and Labor Relations. Students applying to the MS/PhD program apply to one of four of ILR's six departments: Organizational Behavior; Human Resources Studies; Labor Relations, Law and History; or International and Comparative Labor.

Master of Professional Studies in ILR, Ithaca (MPS Ithaca)

- the Ithaca MPS is for practitioners with 8 or more years of work experience and is a 1-year professional degree program designed for individuals who want to expand or advance into a specific competency or upgrade their skills and understanding.

Master of Professional Studies in ILR, New York City (MPS NYC)

- this is a part-time two year program for practitioners with work experience.

Master of Science track for BSILRs

- available only to current ILR undergraduates desiring to pursue further studies at the masters level in ILR research and academic areas.