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 Michael Sanchez ’23 sitting in a military helicopter

Michael Sanchez ’23

Before coming to ILR, Michael Sanchez spent five years serving the United States in the Marine Corps, where he says he learned that quality leadership is the most important factor in the success of any team or company. 

How did ILR change you?

ILR has opened my eyes to the possibilities of human potential through collective action. We are capable of so much more when everybody pulls together. I definitely have a newfound respect for the old saying that there is strength in numbers.

How are you making an impact through your experiences at ILR?

The people here in ILR are outstanding. They inspire me every day to work harder and give more. I enjoy giving back to the community whenever possible, and being here has allowed me more opportunities to do so In fact, I'm running a charity race Nov.’13 to raise money for the Semper Fi and America’s Fund, a non-profit to help veterans and their families, and am honored to do so.

Supporters can learn about Michael’s race here.

How might the mission of ILR help shape the next 75 years of work, labor, and employment?

The critical thinking and problem-solving skills students develop here will no doubt contribute to the crafting of a better future for labor. Knowledge is invaluable, and the students that graduate ILR could quite possibly change the entire way we look at work in the next 75 years.