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Climate Forum Discussion on Senate Bill

May 4, 2010, Washington, DC

On Tuesday, May 4th, the GLI organized a special luncheon at the Blue-Green Alliance’s Good Jobs, Green Jobs Conference for trade unions engaged in climate protection issues at the national level. The lunch brought together over 50 representatives from trade unions and other civil society organizations to discuss the status of climate legislation in the Senate. The lunch was a unique opportunity for trade unions and civil society organizations to discuss the main provisions of the bill, learn about why some unions are actively engaged in passing the bill, and address some areas of the bill that need to be strengthened.

David Doniger from NRDC gave an overview of the expected bill and the current debates within the Senate. He was followed by remarks from representatives of the United Auto Workers, Boilermakers, Transport Workers Union, the Utility Workers, Sustainlabour, and the US Climate Action Network.

The lunch was part of Cornell GLI’s Labor Leaders Climate Forum Project. The Forum is currently made up of 16 U.S. unions, as well as representatives from global labor bodies as well as policy organizations. The Forum provides a unique opportunity for unions to learn about climate change and related policy, exchange ideas with other unions and their policy partners, and develop a comprehensive approach to climate protection that builds union membership, power and legitimacy.