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Union members attend a Globalization lectureKnowledge of the global economy, climate change, sustainable transportation and energy policy, immigration issues and trends, and policy alternatives is an indispensable tool for organizers, stewards and leaders.

ILR Undergraduate Courses - Fall 2013

ILRIC 4313/6013: Labor and Social Movement Approaches to Climate and Sustainable Development
Instructors: Sean Sweeney and Lara Skinner

The labor movement must act now to direct its future in the era of sustainability.  The question is not whether to act or now, but how.  As environmental concerns such as climate change increase and social problems related to jobs, health care, housing and education grow in the US, sustainability has emerged as a dominant framework for addressing society's main environmental, social and economic issues.  Yet the role unions and workers organizations will play in developing and advancing a socially just sustainability and climate protection agenda is largely undecided.  This course will examine the main theoretical and policy frameworks that have been proposed to deal with the environmental and climate crisis and explore the implications of these frameworks for workers, unions and environmental sustainability.

For information about the course, contact:
Lara Skinner

Phone: 212-340-2884

Other training:

We offer 30, 45 and 90 minute as well as 1/2 day, 1 day and 3 day workshop trainings on the following topics:

  • Labor and Climate Change
  • US Legislation on Climate Change
  • Labor and Energy Transition
  • The International Climate Change Negotiations
  • Labor and Sustainable Transportation
  • Climate Jobs: Direct Hire Approaches to Climate Policy and Job Creation
  • Green Jobs in the US Context
  • Green Jobs in a Low Carbon World
  • Globalization Basics for Unions
  • The Global Economy and a Program for Change
  • Immigration trends, policies, and union approaches
  • Understanding the World Trade Organization and other institutions of global governance
  • Working with the international labor movement
  • Workers Rights, Anti-Sweatshop Campaigns, Corporate Codes of Conduct, and Framework Agreements
  • International Labor and the Environmental Crisis

Cornell-CUNY Labor Studies Program

Union leaders, staff and activists can sign up for 12-week college credit courses offered through the Cornell Labor Studies Certificate Program. These courses are:

  • Labor and Globalization
  • The International Labor Movement: Past, Present, and Future
  • Unions, Climate Change and Sustainability
  • Labor and Immigration: A Global Perspective

Cornell ILR/CUNY Murphy Institute offers a 16-credit undergraduate Certificate in Labor Relations  that provides NYC area union members, officers and staff with practical knowledge, skills and resources needed to be an effective practitioner in the field of labor and industrial relations.