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November 4 2010

ICS’ Hallock engages business leaders on compensation and strategy

In the first session, November 4, 2010, of the new Cornell ILR Executive Briefings from Cornell ILR’s Human Capital Development group, New York City, Director of Cornell ILR’s Institute for Compensation Studies Professor Kevin Hallock discussed how different compensation systems drive strategic success.

Through case studies from firms with which he has worked and attendee’s own experiences, Professor Hallock engaged the small group of chief executives, compensation and HR leaders under the theme “Pioneering Innovation in Compensation.” The group explored how compensation strategies encourage particular employee behaviors that relate to the organization’s culture and objectives. Therefore, different organizations will establish different compensation structures. Finding the right formula isn’t obvious, requiring exploration, innovation and thoughtful piloting.

Learn about the next session, January 20, 2011, of Cornell ILR Executive Briefings which brings together Cornell thought leaders and business executives to explore how HR can support innovation and growth.