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Current Issue – Volume 73, Number 4, August 2020

Special Issue on Labor Regulation in Global Supply Chains

These articles are part of a major multiyear collaboration of twenty scholars with deep expertise in this field. For more information about this ongoing research, see The New Conversations Project

Editorial Essay: Introduction to a Special Issue on Improving Private Regulation of Labor in Global Supply Chains: Theory and Evidence
Matthew Amengual and Sarosh Kuruvilla
Global Purchasing as Labor Regulation: The Missing Middle
Matthew Amengual, Greg Distelhorst, and Danny Tobin
Field Opacity and Practice-Outcome Decoupling: Private Regulation of Labor Standards in Global Supply Chains
Sarosh Kuruvilla, Mingwei Liu, Chunyun Li, and Wansi Chen
Improving Working Conditions in Global Supply Chains: The Role of Institutional Environments and Monitoring Program Design
Jodi L. Short, Michael W. Toffel, and Andrea R. Hugill
Voice in Supply Chains: Does the Better Work Program Lead to Improvements in Labor Standards Compliance?
Kelly Pike
Lights On: How Transparency Increases Compliance in Cambodian Global Value Chains
Raymond Robertson
The Political Economy of Private and Public Regulation in Post-Rana Plaza Bangladesh
Jennifer Bair, Mark Anner, and Jeremy Blasi
Spillover Effects across Transnational Industrial Relations Agreements: The Potential and Limits of Collective Action in Global Supply Chains
Sarah Ashwin, Chikako Oka, Elke Schuessler, Rachel Alexander, and Nora Lohmeyer

Book Reviews
Tethered Fates: Companies, Communities, and Rights at Stake.
By Shareen Hertel. Reviewed by Rachel Alexander.
Gender and Work in Global Value Chains: Capturing the Gains?
By Stephanie Barrientos. Reviewed by Sarah Ashwin.
Labor Standards in International Supply Chains: Aligning Rights and Incentives.
By Daniel Berliner, Anne Regan Greenleaf, Milli Lake, Margaret Levi, and Jennifer Noveck. Reviewed by Lucas Amaral Lauriano.
Everyday Transgressions: Domestic Workers’ Transnational Challenge to International Labor Law.
By Adelle Blackett. Reviewed by Lorena Poblete.
Labor Politics in North Africa: After the Uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia.
By Ian M. Hartshorn. Reviewed by Lorenzo Feltrin.