Submission Policies

The ILR Review will not consider any paper under simultaneous review by any other journal or publisher.

Contributors' Responsibilities

Cornell is sympathetic to the needs of scholars to include other copyrighted material in their Contribution and is happy to provide guidance on this. Responsibility for obtaining permission for any copyrighted material that cannot be included under the Fair Use doctrine rests with Contributors.

If the Contribution includes material for which Contributors do not hold the copyright, Contributors are responsible for submitting with the Contribution the written permission from the copyright holder of the material to include and reproduce the material within the Contribution. The permission must cover all media and all languages throughout the world in perpetuity. Contributors are responsible for the payment of such permissions.

Please note: Whether the material is being used with permission, or on the basis that it falls under "fair dealing" or "fair use", full citation for the copyright holder and original publication of the material must be included with the submission.

Contributors' Rights

  1. You retain the copyright in your Contribution.
  2. You may do whatever you wish with the version of the Contribution you submitted to the Journal (version 1).
  3. Once the Contribution has been accepted for publication, you may post the accepted version of the Contribution (version 2) on your own personal website, your department's website, or the repository of your institution without any restrictions.
  4. You may not post the accepted version of the Contribution (version 2) in any repository other than those listed above (i.e., you may not deposit in the repository of another institution or a subject repository) until 12 months after publication of the Contribution in the Journal.
  5. You may use the published Contribution (version 3) for your own teaching needs or to supply on an individual basis to research colleagues, provided that such supply is not for commercial purposes.
  6. You may use the Contribution (version 3) in a book you write or edit any time after publication in the Journal.
  7. You may not post the published article (version 3) on a website or in a repository without permission from SAGE.
  8. When posting or re-using the Contribution, please provide a link to the appropriate DOI for the published version of the Contribution on SAGE Journals
  9. All commercial and any author re-use of the Contribution not specified above should be referred to SAGE Publications journal permissions page.

SAGE will directly, or through a third party intermediary, provide the Corresponding Contributor of the Contribution with an electronic copy of the Contribution.

Cornell's Use of the Contribution

Although Contributors have retained the copyright in the Contribution, Contributors have granted Cornell an exclusive license to exercise the rights under copyright. This helps ensure protection against infringement of copyrighted material through breach of copyright or piracy anywhere in the world. It also ensures that requests from third parties to reprint or reproduce all or any part of the Contribution are handled efficiently many years after publication of the Contribution, ensuring the ability of the Contribution to receive broad dissemination.