Reviewer Instructions

The ILR Review is dedicated to providing timely and constructive feedback to authors. Your contribution to this process is invaluable. We appreciate your service to the profession and the time it takes to prepare a detailed report so that we may make an informed judgment about the readiness of the author's paper for inclusion in the journal.

You will first be sent an inquiry e-mail, inviting you to review a particular paper. The e-mail will contain links labeled “Agreed,” “Declined,” or “Unavailable,” along with the title and abstract of the paper. Please respond by way of one of these links. After you have agreed to review a paper, you will then receive an e-mail that provides a link to your Reviewer Dashboard, where you will find the full manuscript and instructions for submitting your review.

If you believe that it may be inappropriate for you to review a particular manuscript, please feel free to contact the editor in charge of the paper to discuss the issue.

To provide timely feedback to authors, we ask that reviewer reports be completed in no more than 5 weeks. The evaluation should assess the quality of the research (theory development, methodological rigor, data quality, etc.), the importance of the contribution to the field (advancing theory, providing novel empirical findings), and the overall quality of the presentation (logic, organization, writing). Wherever possible, authors should also discuss the implications of their work for organizational or public policy. The five possible recommendations a referee can make:

  • Accept
  • Accept with minor revision
  • Minor revision required (R&R)
  • Major revision required (R&R)
  • Reject

You will prepare a review for the authors and then write a separate letter to your liaising editor, in which you can be more candid, if need be. The letter to the editor will be seen by only that editor. You will then upload both the report to the author and the letter to the editor to the online system (SAGE Track at, using the same link given to you when the appraisal was requested of you. If you no longer have that link, please contact your liaising editor.

If you have trouble accessing the paper you have been asked to review, or if you do not know your login information, please contact the ILR Review staff at or the ScholarOne support team at, click the “Reviewer” button at, or call 1-888-503-1050 (US).

If you would like to become a reviewer for the ILR Review but do not yet have a ScholarOne SAGE Track account, you will need to create one. Go to Manuscript Central and follow the steps on the screen under Create an Account.