Cornell University

ILR NYC Conference Center

16 E. 34th Street, 212-340-2800

Classroom A

Classroom A is a large sized room that can accommodate up to 60 persons, depending on it's configuration. It's adjoined by Meeting Room 1 by way of a removable wall, which allows Classroom A to be expanded to accommodate additional seating or light refreshments service. Classroom A comes equipped with ceiling mounted bidirectional LCD projector, AV cart containing a computer, DVD/VHS player, and connections for attaching your own personal computer or audio device*.

In a "Cluster" Configuration

(pictured here for 30 seats)

Classroom A

Room A Floor Plan 2

Pictured below with Partition removed to incorporate Meeting Room 1 - which seats 45 to 60.

Classroom A and Meeting Room 1

Classroom A, Floor Plan 3

Classroom A, Furniture Plan 1

* Please contact us for additional details regarding room setups and technical requirements.