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Listed below are highlights of ILR Alumni, Faculty, Staff, and Students in the news.   

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The articles are selected by Stuart Basefsky an Information Specialist and Instructor at Catherwood Library and Director of the IWS News Bureau of the Institute for Workplace Studies(IWS) in the New York City Office of the ILR School.

June 2009

Arthur Wheaton - June 29, 2009 Monday (Channel 4 Buffalo)

Ron Ehrenberg
- June 27, 2009 Saturday
"Fifth day of special session in Senate ends with no resolution"
NY Journal News

Segran Nair (ILR Alumnus) - June 23, 2009 Tuesday
"GSB appoints new Director for entry and middle management programmes"
The Skills Portal

John Raudabaugh (ILR Alumnus) - June 22, 2009 Monday
"In Geneva; he was in his element"
Chicago Daily Law Bulletin

ILR School - June 20, 2009 Saturday
"DSS Boss to Ask for More Staff; Request to Oswego County Legislators will be for 27 Caseworkers, Supervisors"
The Post-Standard (Syracuse, New York)

Ron Ehrenberg - June 19, 2009 Friday
"What Colleges Can Cut"
New York Times

Kate Bronfenbrenner - June 14, 2009 Sunday
"Showdown nears on Employee Free Choice Act"
The Bismarck Tribune

Joanne Jensen (ILR Alumna) - June 10, 2009 Wednesday
"Deutsche Bank Private Wealth Management to Add Four Senior Hires"
Business Wire

Brad Bell - June 10, 2009 Wednesday
"Turnover in BofA's top ranks raises questions"
Raleigh News & Observer

Arthur Wheaton - June 9, 2009 Tuesday
"1 million-plus jobs turn on quick deals"
Fort Wayne Journal

Carolyn Leary (ILR Alumna) - June 8, 2009 Monday
"Somerville schools superintendent Carolyn Leary announces retirement"
Courier News (Bridgewater, New Jersey)

C. Kirabo Jackson
- June 5, 2009 Friday
"Do Good Teachers Leave When Black Students Enroll?"
U.S. News & World Report

Kate Bronfenbrenner - June 3, 2009 Wednesday
"A War Against Organizing"
The Washington Post

Ali Hadi - June 3, 2009 Wednesday
"Obama plans to reach out to Muslim world"
USA Today

Harry Katz
- June 2, 2009 Tuesday
"G.M.’s New Owners, U.S. and Labor, Adjust to Roles"
The New York Times

Art Wheaton
- June 1, 2009 Monday
"The real damage from GM bankruptcy: Layoffs"
MSN Money Central

Ron Seeber
- June 1, 2009 Monday
"GM Speeds Toward Restart; Auto Giants Bankruptcy Filing is Expected Today"
The Baltimore Sun


Michael Zuckerman - May 28, 2009 Thursday
"Keep stimulus money at home"
Syracuse Post Standard

ILR School
- May 28, 2009 Thursday
"Project Labor Agreements Benefit Communities, Contractors and Workers"

Vernon Briggs - May 28, 2009 Thursday
"Black Immigrants Left Out Of Immigration Debate"
National Public Radio (NPR)

Sally Alvarez - May 27, 2009 Wednesday
"Major Academic Study Finds No Union Intimidation from Majority Sign Up"
States News Service

Fred Kotler - May 27, 2009 Wednesday
"Union Ironworkers Support Project Labor Agreement Study"
Telecommunications Weekly

Art Wheaton - May 26, 2009 Tuesday
"GM Canada Contract Cuts Labor Costs, Would Help Bankruptcy Exit"

Lee Adler - May 24, 2009 Sunday
"Auto bailouts aim to buck history"
Journal Gazette

Art Wheaton - May 21, 2009 Thursday
"Union's Rich Assets Recall the Glory Days"
The Wall Street Journal

Kate Bronfenbrenner - May 20, 2009 Wednesday
"Study Says Antiunion Tactics Are Becoming More Common"
The New York Times

Patrick Wright - May 19, 2009 Tuesday
"Resources are limited, HR must raise its game"
Business Day (South Africa)

C. Kirabo Jackson - May 19, 2009 Tuesday
"Efficiency of educational systems"
Trinidad Express

Richard Hurd - May 18, 2009 Monday
"Ford's workers making bold moves South"
The Courier-Journal (Louisville, Kentucky)

Francine Blau - May 17, 2009 Sunday
"Uneven pain"
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle (New York)

John Hausknecht - May 14, 2009 Thursday
"El Barrio program links job hunters, employers"
Plain Dealer (Cleveland)

Alan Krueger (ILR Alumnus) - May 7, 2009 Thursday
"Alan Krueger Confirmed as Assistant Secretary for Economic Policy"
States News Service

Risa Lieberwitz
and Kate Bronfenbrenner - May 6, 2009 Wednesday
"Hard bargaining or bad faith at Wynn? It’s hard to say"
Las Vegas Sun

Art Wheaton - May 5, 2009 Tuesday
"Schumer wants return of Delphi plants to GM: Says move would save many endangered jobs"
The Buffalo News

Francine Blau - May 5, 2009 Tuesday
"Unpaid furloughs a trend for white-collar jobs"

Ronald Ehrenberg
- May 5, 2009 Tuesday
"No way out of ocean of debt for US colleges"
The Star (South Africa)

Harry Katz - May 2, 2009 Saturday
"UAW wins big Chrysler stake but can't run company"
San Francisco Chronicle

Vernon Briggs - May 1, 2009 Friday
"Schumer Subcommittee Holds Rigged Amnesty Hearings. Joe Still Not Alarmed"

Art Wheaton
- May 1, 2009 Friday
"Chrysler Gets U.S. Financing For Bankruptcy"

Kate Bronfenbrenner - May 1, 2009 Friday
"End of Long Jewish Era for Garment Union"
The Forward

Patrick Wright  - May 1, 2009 Friday
"What is HR Really for?"
Management Today

Tevi Troy (ILR Alumnus) - May 1, 2009 Friday
"Former HHS Deputy Secretary Tevi Troy Joins Hudson Institute"
Health Business Week

Nellie Brown - May 2009
"An Alert for Women Firefighters: Protection is Prevention"
The Volunteer Firefighter


Mark Pearce (Adjunct Faculty) - April 28, 2009 Tuesday
"New face on National Labor Relations Board; Buffalo attorney appointed by President Obama to serve"
Buffalo News

Ron Ehrenberg - April 27, 2009 Monday
"Hard Times on Campus"

Lou Jean Fleron - April 27, 2009 Monday
"Policy paper calls for green design at Erie Canal Harbor"
Buffalo News

Fred Kotler - April 24, 2009 Friday
"PLAs Help Predict, Control Project Costs Cornell Study Says, Challenging Critics"
Daily Labor Report

Arthur Wheaton - April 23, 2009 Thursday
"GM fights harder to remain solvent: Cuts 60 managers at Tonawanda site and plans to shutter most plants for 9 weeks"
Buffalo News

Francine Blau - April 19, 2009 Sunday
"Men bear the brunt of US jobs lost"
Financial Times

Tove Hammer - April 18, 2009 Saturday
"Researchers from Cornell University provide details of new studies and findings in the area of applied psychology"
Psychology & Psychiatry Journal

Francine Moccio
- April 16, 2009 Thursday
KGNU Community Radio

Ronald Ehrenberg
- April 16, 2009 Thursday
"A Long Way Come, A Long Way to Go: Race Remains an Issue at Cornell 40 Years Later"
Cornell Daily Sun

Fred Kotler
- April 14, 2009 Tuesday
"America's Building Trades Unions Hail New Study That Points to Effectiveness of Project Labor Agreements"
Staten Island Advance

Michael Marino (ILR Alumnus) - April 14, 2009 Tuesday
"Seyfarth Shaw Welcomes Michael F. Marino, III as Partner in the Firm's Labor & Employment Depart-ment in New York"
Business Wire

Richard Hurd - April 12, 2009 Sunday
"Problem with companies' labor plan? No one likes it"
Bellingham Herald

John Hausknecht - April 7, 2009 Tuesday
"Remember Employee Engagement Amid the Chaos; No need to splurge on a team-building retreat in the Caribbean to lift morale. Instead, show workers you appreciate them"
Business Week Online

Mary Marsters (ILR Alumna) - April 7, 2009 Tuesday
"University outreach program names leader - Cornell Cooperative Extension Ulster County has a new family and consumer science issue leader - Mary Marsters"
Poughkeepsie Journal

Kate Bronfenbrenner
- April 5, 2009 Sunday
"Better Wages, Benefits Will Come With Free Choice Act"
The Day, New London

Arthur Wheaton
- April 3, 2009 Friday
"Future grim for auto suppliers"
Buffalo Business First

Ronald Ehrenberg
- April 1, 2009 Wednesday
"New Strategy at Wisconsin"
Inside Higher Ed

Harry Katz - April 1, 2009 Wednesday
"Workers Share in the Pressure on Carmakers"
New York Times

Carolyn Richmond - April 2009
"40 Under 40"
Crain's New York


Arthur Wheaton - March 31, 2009 Tuesday
"Obama taps czar to help autoworkers"

Arthur Wheaton - March 31, 2009 Tuesday
"Countdown begins for automakers; Obama, in ultimatum, warns GM, Chrysler of need for quick action"
Buffalo News (New York)

Mark Rybarczyk (ILR Alumnus) - March 31, 2009 Tuesday
"Impellam Group plc Appoints Mark Rybarczyk as Vice President, Human Resourcesof CORESTAFF Services, Other Impellam North American Entities"
Business Wire

Richard Hurd - March 31, 2009 Tuesday
"Lobbyists tackle bill on union organizing; Labor touts benefits; business fears costs"
Plain Dealer (Cleveland)

Ruben King-Shaw (ILR Alumnus) - March 27, 2009 Friday
"Mr. Ruben Jose King-Shaw Jr. to Join KineMatik Board of Directors"
Health Business Week

ILR School
- March 25, 2009 Wednesday
"Our workers deserve fairness, protection"
The Times of Trenton

Ronald Ehrenberg - March 24, 2009 Tuesday
"Some colleges sell bonds to weather crisis"
Cornell Daily Sun

Aaron Jones (ILR Alumnus) - March 23, 2009 Monday
"Hempstead for Hofstra/Hofstra for Hempstead to Host 35th Annual Scholarship Dinner"
Targeted News Service

Vernon Briggs - March 23, 2009 Monday
"Hard times alter debate over undocumented workers"
Santa Barbara News-Press

Harry Katz
- March 20, 2009 Friday
"AP sources: UAW talks with automakers going slowly"
Business Week

Lance Compa and James Gross - March 20, 2009 Friday
"Legal Scholars: Employee Free Choice Consistent with International Standards"

Francine Blau
- March 20, 2009 Friday
"Women have come far, but still have a long way to go toward equality, say speakers"
Cornell Chronicle

ILR School - March 19, 2009 Tuesday
"Fried: America is Having Labor Pains Birthing the Employee Free Choice Act"
Fort Collins Now

Lou Jean Fleron - March 19, 2009 Tuesday
"Activists criticize city's lack of plan to fight poverty"
Buffalo News

Gene Carroll - March 18, 2009 Wednesday
"What’s So Scary About Workers Organizing?"

James Gross
- March 16, 2009 Monday
"Business collapse can end union contracts, but not AIG bonus contracts"
The Minnesota Independent

Mary Krause (ILR Alumna) - March 16, 2009 Monday
"Krause ends two-decade career as personnel officer"
CNY Link

Peter Lazes - March 16, 2009 Monday
"A sustainable business plan for ailing U.S. auto plants"
Cornell Chronicle

Harry Katz
- March 16, 2009 Monday
"Railroad Bailout May Offer a Model for Detroit"
New York Times

Art Wheaton
- March 14, 2009 Saturday
"American Axle auditors warn of concerns over viability"
The Buffalo News

Rebecca Givan - March 12, 2009 Thursday
"Unions' dilemma on layoffs: to compromise or not?"
Christian Science Monitor

Kate Bronfenbrenner
- March 12, 2009 Thursday
"Byron Williams: Act would make American workers too big to fail"
Contra Costa Times (California)

Scheinman Institute on Conflict Resolution
- March 12, 2009 Thursday
"Firm in Buffalo, NY, to Receive $500 Fine, Make Changes Under Settlement Agreement with NRC"
US Fed News

Francine Blau
- March 6, 2009 Friday
"Unemployment Numbers Add To Economic Gloom"
National Public Radio (NPR)

Ron Ehrenberg - March 6, 2009 Friday
"'Golden Walk' Gets a Makeover From an Auditor of Campus Visits"
The Chronicle of Higher Education

Fred Kotler - March 5, 2009 Thursday
"Obama's pro-union order worries Thune"
Sioux Falls Argus Leader

Richard Hurd - March 4, 2009 Wednesday
"Can ‘Card Check’ Alter Unions’ State?"
Congressional Quarterly Magazine

Terence Sullivan (ILR Training) - March 2, 2009 Monday
"Sullivan named to state labor panel"
Meriden Record-Journal

Kirabo Jackson
- March 2, 2009 Monday
"Rewards for Students Under a Microscope"
The New York Times

David Lipsky
- March 1, 2009 Sunday
"The UAW Fights Its Image as the Villain of Detroit"


Sam Bacharach and Ron Ehrenberg - February 27, 2009 Friday
"Cost Experts Discuss Colleges' Responsibilities During Hard Times"
The Chronicle of Higher Education

Kate Bronfenbrenner
- February 26, 2009 Thursday
"Bronfenbrenner: Employee Free Choice Is Key for Women"

Francine Blau
- February 25, 2009 Wednesday
"Unpaid furloughs a trend for U.S. white-collar jobs"

Seth Harris (ILR Alumnus) - February 23, 2009 Monday
"President Obama Announces Key Administration Posts"
States News Service

Clete Daniel
- February 22, 2009 Sunday
"Does America Still Need Labor Unions?"
Parade Magazine

Arthur Wheaton - February 22, 2009 Sunday
"Bondholders hold key to GM’s future"
Buffalo News

Lowell Turner
- February 22, 2009 Sunday
"Labor's time has come, but trouble stirs within; With legislative goals finally in reach, unions are torn by infighting."
Los Angeles Times

J.P. Hausknecht - February 21, 2009 Saturday
"Cornell University details research in management journal"
Business & Finance Week

Peter Lazes - February 18, 2009 Wednesday (New York City)

Arthur Wheaton
- February 18, 2009 Wednesday
"GM, Chrysler ask $14 billion in additional federal aid"
The Buffalo News

Patrick Wright - February 16, 2009 Monday
"HR must raise its game"
Financial Times

Arthur Wheaton
- February 10, 2009 Tuesday
"GM reportedly mulls reclaiming parts of Delphi; Observers say that the move could benefit Lockport plant"
The Buffalo News

Vernon Briggs
- February 6, 2009 Friday
"Unemployment report worse than expected"
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Ron Ehrenberg - February 6, 2009 Friday
"Islam's Afterworld; Reflecting on the Humanities"
The Chronicle of Higher Education

J. Terrell Dillard (ILR Alumnus) - February 4, 2009 Wednesday
"Internationally Acclaimed Kenyan Band To Kick Off Black History Month"
Targeted News Service

Ron Ehrenberg - February 4, 2009 Wednesday
"A Shift Back on Aid"
Inside Higher Ed

Ron Williams (ILR Training) - February 3, 2009 Tuesday
"People Science Adds Business Development Executive"
Kate Bronfenbrenner - February 2, 2009 Monday
"Unions see better days ahead under Obama's leadership"
Christian Science Monitor 

Chet Warzinski - February 2009
HR Magazine

Kate Bronfenbrenner
and James Gross - February 2009
"Workers and Corporate America battle over the Employee Free Choice Act"
In These Times

Employment and Disability Institute - February 2009
"Breaking Barriers in the Workplace"
Black Enterprise


Curtis Lyons and Ileen Devault - January 30, 2009 Friday
"Cornell U. historians praise Obama's transparency bid"
University Wire
Jay Walker (ILR Alumnus) - January 29, 2009 Thursday
"Priceline founder named Cornell Entrepreneur of the Year"
Ithaca Journal (New YOrk)

Arthur Wheaton - January 29, 2009 Thursday
"GM to End Jobs Bank Monday"
Detroit Free Press

Kenneth J. Carrig (ILR Alumnus) January 27, 2009 Tuesday
"Comcast Names Kenneth J. Carrig Executive Vice President of Human Resources"

Nick Salvatore
- January 23, 2009 Friday
"What did Aretha give Obama on Inauguration Day?"
Orlando Sentinel

Daniel Kornfeld (ILR Alumnus) - January 22, 2009 Thursday
"Company News"
The Post-Standard (Syracuse, NY)

Ron Ehrenberg - January 21, 2009 Wednesday
"More Women on College Boards"
Inside Higher Ed
Art Wheaton - January 21, 2009 Wednesday
"Layoffs spread through local auto plants"
Buffalo News (New York)
C. Kirabo Jackson - January 18, 2009 Sunday
"Pay As You Grow?"
Las Vegas Review-Journal
Richard Hurd - January 18, 2009 Sunday
"An Internal Union Dispute Turns Nasty, With a Local in the Balance"
The New York Times
Jarik Conrad (ILR Alumnus) - January 16, 2009 Friday
"Accomplished author and educator to return to East St. Louis"
Belleville News-Democrat
C. Kirabo Jackson - January 14, 2009 Wednesday
"Should Students Be Paid for Good Grades?"
Time Magazine
Kevin Hallock - January 12, 2009 Monday
"Economy taking a toll on no-layoff policies"
The Pantagraph
Donald T. Barry (Obituary: ILR Training) - January 9, 2009 Friday
Buffalo News

Harry Katz - January 9, 2009 Friday
"UAW strike would kill auto loans; Auto rescue terms raise stakes in deal mandating changes in pay, benefits"
Detroit Free Press

Richard Hurd
- January 8, 2009 Thursday
"Strikers feel pressure; options for union dwindle at Vought"
The Tennessean

Kate Bronfenbrenner
- January 7, 2009 Wednesday
"Can Labor Revive the American Dream?"
The Nation

Richard Hurd
- January 2, 2009 Friday
"Did raids help union at North Carolina pork plant?"
The Charlotte Observer (North Carolina)

Dana Sovocool (ILR Training) - January 2, 2009 Friday
"Nation Names Dana Sovocool Director Of Human Resources"
Targeted News Service

Kevin Hallock
- December 30, 2008 Tuesday
"No-Layoff Policies Crumble: Companies That Have Avoided Job Cuts in the Past Find This Recession Is Different"
The Wall Street Journal

Harry Katz
- December 28, 2008 Sunday
"Scholarship honors memory of Horseheads graduate"
Star-Gazette (Elmira, New York)

C. Kirabo Jackson
- December 2008/January 2009
"Should you get paid for good grades? Kara Jesella reports"
Teen Vogue

Gene Boccialetti and Tom Willett - January 2009
"TRAINING: How to Help Line Supervisors Improve Profits & Productivity"


Francine Moccio - March 31, 2008 Monday
"Study finds few female executives in N.Y."
The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

Ayanna Hughey (ILR Alumna) - March 31, 2008 Monday
"People in business"
Star-Gazette (Elmira, New York)

Andrew Oswald (ILR Visiting Fellow) - March 30, 2008 Sunday
"Economic View: It's rational to flee at the first sign of trouble. So to stop another bank run, get savers to insure their cash"
The Independent

Kate Bronfenbrenner - March 30, 2008 Sunday
"Bashing NAFTA"
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pennsylvania)

Francine Moccio
and Michelle Williams - March 28, 2008 Friday
"Gender gap persists in New York’s boardrooms and executive suites"
Cornell Chronicle

Nick Salvatore - March 28, 2008 Friday
"Candidate taken to task at Cornell"
The Ithaca Journal (New York)

Ron Ehrenberg - March 28, 2008 Friday
"Yudof picked as new leader of UC; The University of Texas chief's annual compensation will be $828,084, which triggers some criticism"
Los Angeles Times

Ronald Seeber - March 25, 2008 Tuesday
"Some Q-C officials think bargaining bill is bad idea"
Quad-City Times

Jeff Cowie - March 25, 2008 Tuesday
"UAW betting on casinos"
The Providence Journal (Rhode Island)

Timothy Leonard (Obituary: ILR Training) - March 25, 2008 Tuesday
The Times Union (Albany, New York)

Ron Ehrenberg - March 25, 2008 Tuesday
"Size alone makes small classes better for kids; Teaching techniques don't change much"
USA Today

Michael Greenberg (Obituary: ILR Alumnus) - March 23, 2008 Sunday
The New York Times

Arthur Wheaton - March 21, 2008 Friday
"Ford buyout attracts 81 local takers; Company missed national target, reports say"
Buffalo News (New York)

Harry Katz
- March 21, 2008 Friday
"Spotlighting a Hospitality Trailblazer "
Human Resource Executive

Ann Munson Steines - March 21, 2008 Friday
"Macy's, Inc. Board Elects Ann Munson Steines as Vice President, Deputy General Counsel and Assistant Secretary"
Business Wire

Nancy Persily (Obituary: ILR Alumna) - March 21, 2008 Friday
University at Albany Campus Update

Francine Moccio
- March 19, 2008 Wednesday
"Gender gap persists in New York's boardrooms and executive suites, CU study finds"
Cornell Chronicle

Vernon Briggs
- March 18, 2008 Tuesday
"The Heart of the Matter: Illegal Immigration"
The Stanford Review

Marilyn Flores (ILR Training) - March 17, 2008 Monday
"Business People"
Telegram & Gazette (Massachusetts)

ILR School - March 14, 2008 Friday
"Qwest to add jobs"
Idaho Falls Post Register (Idaho)

Kate Bronfenbrenner - March 13, 2008 Thursday
"Balance of Payments"
National Journal's Congress Daily

Ron Ehrenberg
- March 13, 2008 Thursday
"Voices and Viewpoints"
The Post-Standard (Syracuse, New York)

Lou Jean Fleron - March 13, 2008 Thursday
"Panel cites strides on Living Wage Law"
The Buffalo News

Francine Moccio - March 12, 2008 Wednesday
"Number of Women Executives in New York's Top 100 Companies is Still Falling Short"
US Fed News

Tara MacLean Sweeney (ILR Alumna) - March 7, 2008 Friday
"Arctic Slope Regional Corp. names Sweeney VP of external affairs"
The Arctic Sounder

Arthur Wheaton - March 7, 2008 Friday
"Cooperation topping confrontation in saving jobs"
Buffalo Business First

Lance Compa - March 7, 2008 Friday
"Center gets partial win against hotel"
The Ithaca Journal (New York)

Ron Ehrenberg
- March 6, 2008 Thursday
"Provost delivers State of University Address"
University Wire

Ron Ehrenberg - March 4, 2008 Tuesday
"Paying the Price"

Andrew Oswald (ILR Visiting Fellow) - March 3, 2008 Monday
"The argument against home ownership"

Vernon Briggs - March 2, 2008 Sunday
"Industries in crisis"
Daily Advertiser (Lafayette, LA)

Arthur Wheaton - March 2, 2008 Sunday
WIVB (Channel 4 News)

Arthur Wheaton - March 2, 2008 Sunday
"Axle strikers don't have much leverage"
Buffalo News (New York)


Arthur Wheaton - February 27, 2008 Wednesday
"AAM strike ramifications examined"
Buffalo Business First

Arthur Wheaton
- February 27, 2008 Wednesday
"Axle strikers feel they have no choice"
Buffalo News (New York)

Arthur Wheaton
- February 27, 2008 Wednesday
"Local American Axle workers on strike"
Lockport Union-Sun & Journal (New York)

Arthur Wheaton
- February 26, 2008 Tuesday
"UAW On Strike Against American Axle"

Lance Compa
- February 25, 2008 Monday
"The Politics of Labor"
Supermarket News

Ken Margolies - February 21, 2008 Thursday
"Retail Workers Celebrate Million-Dollar Victory"
City Limits

Arthur Wheaton - February 20, 2008 Wednesday
"Hats off to settlement; New Era's new contract in Alabama looks like a good deal for all"
Buffalo News (New York)

Jeff Cowie
- February 18, 2008 Monday
"Wisconsin primary might test Clinton's union support"
The Journal News (Westchester County, New York)

Hilary Corrigan (Marriage: ILR Alumna) - February 16, 2008 Saturday
The Daily Star

Ron Ehrenberg
- February 14, 2008 Thursday
"Cornell undergraduate tuition up despite capital campaign"
University Wire

C. Kirabo Jackson - February 13, 2008 Wednesday
"Promises of Money Meant to Heighten Student Motivation"
Education Week

Charles Whalen (Former ILR Professor) - February 13, 2008
"Utica College names Whalen professor, director"
Utica Observer Dispatch

Arthur Wheato