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October 2003

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Question: What sources are available to help me negotiate a union contract as a manager?


  • ILR HD6971.5.L88 (on order)
    Loughran, Charles S.
    Negotiating a Labor Contract: A Handbook, Third Edition.
    BNA Books.
  • ILR KF3407.A8 L32
    Lareau, Peter N.
    Drafting the Union Contract: A Handbook for the Management Negotiator.
    New York: M. Bender.

BNA also publishes a more comprehensive source which is aimed at both union and management negotiators.

  • ILR HD6500.B8 Labor Law
    Collective Bargaining Negotiations and Contracts.
    BNA Books (also available online in Ives Hall).
  • ILR HD6971.5.K19 2004 (may be be on Course Reserves)
    Katz, Harry, and Kochan, Thomas A. (2004)
    An Introduction to Collective Bargaining & Industrial Relations, Third Edition.

CCH has general information about labor relations in its Internet Research Network (Ives Hall). Go to "Employment Law" and then "Labor Relations Explanations".

For a comprehensive online web guide, see the Catherwood Library's Collective Bargaining Subject Guide. may provide other web links to resources on labor relations for managers and HR practitioners. See the category "Labor Relations".

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