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November 2004

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Question: How can I identify human resources personnel at a particular company/organization?

Answer: This information is not always publicly available, but here are some sources to try:


The Leadership Library on the Internet (Catherwood Library only)

In addition to general Human Resources, this source includes positions such as Benefits, Professional Development, Recruitment, but these categories are not included for every organization. It includes Associations, Nonprofit organizations, Government agencies, companies and more.
[also available in print in the Catherwood Library "Publisher's Showcase"]

Web site for the company/organization
Use a web search engine (e.g. Yahoo or Google) to find the organization's web site and then look for a staff directory or recruitment section.

10-K annual filing
A public company is required to list Directors and Executive Officers in their 10-K annual filing to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). These can be found at the SEC web site. Choose "Search for Company Filings". At the Catherwood Library, these are also available in the database Thomson Research.

LexisNexis (ILR version)
Search the source "The Executive Directories" by choosing News and Business, then Company and Financial, then Company Directors & Executives, then The Executive Directories. This is available to ILR students only. You can search on a company name or an individual's name if you're trying to find more information about someone.

CareerSearch (Cornell only)
Provides directory details for both corporate and branch offices of companies, nonprofit organizations and universities. The interface is designed for the job seeker trying to identify companies based on certain criteria, but one can do a simple "company" search as well.


Hunt-Scanlon's select guide to human resource executives.
Catherwood Library Reference HF5549.A2 G81

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