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November 2002

PLEASE NOTE: The Reference Question of the Month is kept current only during the month for which it was written. Archived questions will not be updated, and over time may contain inaccurate information or broken web links. We provide archived questions as a service, since much of the information will remain accurate and of continued interest to the ILR community.

Question: How can small businesses find free legal resources to help them better manage their employees?

Answer: Small business owners trying to do everything themselves run into potential legal problems. After all, hiring employees introduces a new set of complexities to the workplace, and tax issues are just the beginning. Family leave, worker?s compensation and safety regulations are just a few of the concerns that employers face. The types of labor/employment law?one must become familiar with depends greatly on the nature of the work that employees are required to do and the contracts under which they operate if any. A special website has been constructed by the Small Business Administration to help answer some of these questions. It is called

Once you get to this site at, simply click on "managing employees" in the left margin. This will take you to a page where you will see the following in the left margin.

Managing Employees
Hiring Issues
Wage Laws
Hour Laws
Health & Safety
Privacy Issues
Required Posters

Click on any of the topics listed and you will be taken to useful resources. If your needs are STATE specific, go to the pull-down menu under "State and Local Information" and pick the locality of interest to you and click on "go". Once that page comes up, look again in the left margin under "State and Local Information" and seek the sub-heading "managing employees". Click on it, and you will find the same topics as above, but for the state in question.

Please note a category in the left margin called "Compliance Assistance". This has a pull-down menu from which one should select the topic "employment" and then click on "go". Several highly useful sites will appear.

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