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July 2003

PLEASE NOTE: The Reference Question of the Month is kept current only during the month for which it was written. Archived questions will not be updated, and over time may contain inaccurate information or broken web links. We provide archived questions as a service, since much of the information will remain accurate and of continued interest to the ILR community.

Question: What do I need to know about hiring and accommodating people with disabilities in my workplace?

Answer: There are many resources on the Internet designed to assist and educate employers. The following are some that may prove to be useful:

Disability and the Workplace Guide
From Catherwood Library, this guide was developed in collaboration with the Program on Employment and Disability, Cornell University. It provides links to sources on workers compensation statistics, return to work, law and legislation, job hunting, ADA, and more.

Disability & HR: Tips for HR Professionals
A checklist for employers, compiled by S. Bruyère, Cornell University, Program on Employment and Disability, School of Industrial and Labor Relations - Extension Division.

ADA Homepage
U.S. Department of Justice, ADA Home Page provides extensive information and technical assistance on the American's With Disabilities Act. Site includes information on ADA Publications, Enforcement, Design Standards, Technical Assistance Program, Code Certification, Business Connection, Status Report, New or Proposed Regulations, Mediation, along with links to the ADA Information line and other federal agencies with ADA responsibilities.

U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Disability Employment Policy
A series of fact sheets from US DOL Office of Disability Employment Policy, including:

  • Employment Checklist For Hiring Persons With Disabilities
  • Employing People with Disabilities Q&A
  • Disability Friendly Strategies for the Workplace

JAN Web Site Portal for Employers
The Job Accommodation Network is a free service of the Office of Disability Employment Policy of the U.S. Department of Labor.
AbilityLinks provides ongoing educational programs and support resources to help people with disabilities and employers learn to work together. The first initiative of AbilityLinks was, which was launched in July 2001. The Web site connects people with disabilities to employers but also provides a wealth of resources to help prepare employees for the workplace and offer technical support for businesses that employ people with disabilities.

University of Rochester's website on Workplace Accommodation

The National Institute for Rehabilitation Engineering
NIRE is a non-profit organization which operated clinics to design, dispense and fit customized assistive equipment with user training, from 1967 through 1996. Working with disabled people's own doctors and therapists, these NIRE clinics assisted hundreds of people having severe and permanent motor impairments. The NIRE pioneered the development and use of personalized quadriplegic self-care and mobility aids; appliance controllers; communications aids; adapted computers and office equipment; power wheelchairs (steered and controlled with inertial guidance systems or with breath controls, by people unable to use hand controls); and adapted road vehicles.

Workplace Accommodations: Simple and Inexpensive
A fact sheet from: Disability Watch - The Status of People with Disabilities in the United States, complete text available from the Disability Statistics Center.

Business Leadership Network
BLN is a business-led initiative of the US Chamber of Commerce. The BLN concept is endorsed by the US Labor Department and ODEP. The BLN raises employer awareness by leveraging employer experience to increase career opportunities for people with disabilities and access to the disability community market. Using resources of the partnership between the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the U.S. Department of Labor, employers implement strategies that result in full inclusion.

ADA, Accommodations, and You
From JobWeb.comCareer development and job search help for college graduates. Copyright ? National Association of Colleges and Employers

Boston University's Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation
Some information on accommodating an employee with psychological disabilities.

EASI: Equal Access to Software and Information
EASI's mission is to serve as a resource by providing information and guidance in the area of access-to-information technologies by individuals with disabilities.

Disability Etiquette Handbook
The City of San Antonio, Texas Planning Department and the Disability Advisory Committee have prepared this Disability Etiquette Handbook to enhance opportunities for persons with disabilities to pursue their careers and independent lifestyles.