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Management Essentials: Supervisory Skills

Managing Multiple Priorities

This guide was created as an additional resource featuring links to appropriate Internet based resources specifically chosen by Catherwood Library staff to support the eCornell courses:

"Managing Multiple Priorities."

"Managing People Issues to Stay Focused on Priorities"

"The Power of Managing Your Time and Personal Priorities"

Communication and Conflict Resolution

Association for Conflict Resolution
The Association for Conflict Resolution is a professional organization dedicated to enhancing the practice and public understanding of conflict resolution. This site features a learning center and information about conferences in this subject area.

Has .com Increased .communication?
From,an online resource center designed to provide useful information about meetings in the form of articles, tips and quizzes. Formerly published as an online magazine, this site has been reorganized and converted to a resource center"where readers can easily access all the information they need to hold more effective meetings."

Journal of Employee Communication Management

The Journal of Employee Communication Management (Ragan, Inc) offers readers in-depth lessons about how to meet their corporation's communication needs from the practitioner point of view. Topics covered include how to drive change to increase retention, developing measurement tools and addressing issues such as mergers, downsizing and branding. Browse a sample issue at their web site.

The Conflict Management Toolkit
The Conflict Management Toolkit is a project created and run entirely by second year students in the Conflict Management Program, at The Johns Hopkins University School for Advanced International Studies (SAIS).

Setting Goals/Time Management

Mind Tools describes their mission as helping you understand the essential skills and techniques that will help you to excel in your career, whatever your profession. This link takes you to the section on Time Management Skills.

The Awesome Power of Goal Setting
This 3 part article on goal setting is written by Susan M. Heathfield and is from "All You Need to Know about: Human Resources."

Stress Reduction

Stress Management
The "All You Need to Know About: Stress Management" website has articles on stress reduction, including a self assessment tool to rate you own stress level.

Stress Management and Emotional Wellness Links
Optimal Health Concepts created this page of links to a wide ranging variety of resources on stress reduction. Subject headings include cognitive approaches, relaxation techniques and humor.

Stress Reducing Tips
These tips from the McKinley Health Center at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign are aimed at students but are helpful to all of us.

Useful Resource Links

Catherwood Library
The Catherwood Library is the most comprehensive resource of its type in North America. Its collection of 200,000 books, journals, pamphlets and related materials, now complemented by extensive access to electronic resources from around the world, supports education and research in nearly every aspect of the workplace. The Library also houses the Kheel Center for Labor-Management Documentation and Archives. Founded in 1949, the center is the most venerable archives of its kind in an academic institution.

ILR: Access
ILR: Access, a fee based service, was established in 1977 to meet the demands of individuals throughout the country and the world for access to the information and expertise available within the Catherwood Library. Services include document delivery, subject specific literature searches and bibliographies and referrals to experts.

Human Resource Exexcutive Online/
Web site from Cornell University and Human Resource Executive magazine. This index to other Internet resources is divided by subject area and is also searchable by keyword. Workindex is designed to provide a gateway to the best workplace-oriented web sites on the Internet. Broad range of subjects covered. Provides links to'What's New' and lists the 'Editor's Choice' for best sites.