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Human Resources Management

Fundamentals of Compensation

This guide was created as an additional resource featuring links to appropriate Internet based resources specifically chosen by Catherwood Library staff to support the following eCornell courses:

"Fundamentals of Compensation"

"Applying a Compensation Model: Internal and Legal Considerations"

"Expanding the Compensation Model: External and Structural Considerations"

Cost of Living

Cost of Living Consumer Price Indexes
Monthly reports on consumer price indexes and rates of change for selected items and groups of goods and services.

Cost of Living Index
Produced by the American Chamber of Commerce Research Association, this is a cost of living index useful for comparison of different locations and services. You can view a sample page at this site, but subscription is necessary to receive the actual issue.

Government Agencies

Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)
The Bureau of Labor Statistics is the principal fact-finding agency for the Federal Government in the broad field of labor economics and statistics. Their site is an excellent source for labor statistics, employment cost trends and labor force statistics from the current population survey. Online news releases on hot topics (i.e. "Expenditures for health care plans by employers and employees"). Both national and regional data. Keyword searching available.

Compensation and Working Conditions
Online The online CWC is an e-journal from the Bureau of Labor Statistics providing a current, convenient, user-friendly, and economical source of information and data on compensation and workplace issues. It contains analytical articles, news items,summary information presented as single page charts or tables, and statistical data on:
Occupational pay
Employment Cost Index
Employee benefits
Occupational injuries and illnesses
Major work stoppages
The website will be updated on a monthly basis with new materials, each of which will have a posting date. Older materials will be archived and available through a search function. Besides the main homepage, there are homepages for three major topics-compensation, safety and health, and collective bargaining.

Wages and Salaries

JobStar Central
Although aimed at the job seeker, this site has links to a variety of general and profession specific salary surveys. Although JobStar was started in 1996 for the California area, it has grown considerably and now includes national and international resources as well.

National Compensation Survey
The National Compensation Survey (NCS) provides comprehensive measures of occupational earnings; compensation cost trends, benefit incidence, and detailed plan provisions. Detailed occupational earnings are available for metropolitan and non-metropolitan areas, broad geographic regions, and on a national basis. The index component of the NCS (ECI) measures changes in labor costs. Average hourly employer cost for employee compensation is presented in the ECEC.

National Current Employment Statistics, Real Earnings
This monthly BLS report provides the real earnings of U. S. workers by adjusting changes in earnings to changes in the Consumer Price Index

Occupational Employment Statistics
The Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) program produces employment and wage estimates for over 700 occupations. These are estimates of the number of people employed in certain occupations, and estimates of the wages paid to them. Self-employed persons are not included in the estimates. These estimates are available for the nation as a whole, for individual States, and for metropolitan areas; national occupational estimates for specific industries are also available.
The Salary Wizard found at this site can be used to retrieve base salaries plus total compensation for x jobs. Salary information can be retrieve by zip and state/metro area. Brief position descriptions for each job give the requirements and expectations for the individual listings. The Salary Report includes figures for low, median, and high ranges.

Consultants and Commercial Sites

Compensation Resources, Inc
Salary Source
A subscription based service that offers job descriptions, articles, links and custom salary surveys

Useful Resource Links

Catherwood Library
The Catherwood Library is the most comprehensive resource of its type in North America. Its collection of 200,000 books, journals, pamphlets and related materials — now complemented by extensive access to electronic resources from around the world — supports education and research in nearly every aspect of the workplace. The Library also houses the Kheel Center for Labor-Management Documentation and Archives. Founded in 1949, the center is the most venerable archives of its kind in an academic institution.
A comprehensive list of links to various areas of HR including recruitment and selection, benefits, labor, training and development, compensation, safety, personnel selection, and job analysis. The site also provides information on education programs, the EEOC, and pre-employment testing online.

ILR: Access
ILR: Access, a fee based service, was established in 1977 to meet the demands of individuals throughout the country and the world for access to the information and expertise available within the Catherwood Library. Services include document delivery, subject specific literature searches and bibliographies and referrals to experts.

Human Resource Executive Online/
Web site from Cornell University and Human Resource Executive magazine. This index to other Internet resources is divided by subject area and is also searchable by keyword. Workindex is designed to provide a gateway to the best workplace-oriented web sites on the Internet. Broad range of subjects covered. Provides links to'What's New' and lists the 'Editor's Choice' for best sites.