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Nicole Kravec

Nicole KravecNicole Kravec grew up in sunny southern California, where she was a dedicated member of her high school's Model United Nations debate team. Her love for debate and negotiation prompted her to study Communication, and eventually double-major in Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell. 

In her junior year, Nicole was fascinated by what she learned in an advanced ILR Collective Bargaining class, Negotiation: Theory and Practice. In the fall of her senior year, she was the Cornell Undergraduate Co-Captain of her team for the International Competition on Online Dispute Resolution, advised by Professor David Lipsky. The Cornell Team competed against international law students in Mediation, Negotiation, Arbitration and Litigation, and won several accolades.

Nicole also wrote a paper titled "Dogmas of Online Dispute Resolution" about her experiences in the competition, and presented her paper at the Enhancing Worldwide Understanding through Online Dispute Resolution conference aside distinguished scholars. Her work was published in the University of Toledo Law Review. 

Nicole is now able to apply her negotiation knowledge as a Research Associate at Harvard Business School, where she is the first-year Negotiation course coordinator. She plans to attend graduate school. 

- Nicole Kravec