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Tips for Negotiating When Relationship Matters LB002

Not currently offered

This program currently has no scheduled dates.

In today’s negotiating environment, relationships matter. Negotiations put difficult issues on the table, issues where much is at stake, positions clash and one-sided outcomes risk damaging relationship. Often the dynamics of difficult negotiations rush the parties into a one-side-wins/one-side-loses power struggle. When tensions rise, opportunity may be overlooked. This webinar presents five tips for negotiating when both outcome and relationship are important. It offers ideas to guide an integrative approach to bargaining that avoids unproductive conflict escalation, increases the likelihood of breakthrough, and leads the parties toward outcomes both sides can accept.


  • Challenge the assumption that negotiating tough issues must sacrifice relationship
  • Recognize bargaining tendencies that drive negotiations toward one-sided outcomes
  • Offer five tips to keep productive negotiations on track to meet both outcome and relationship needs