Connect with Labor

Internships with unions

Interested students can work with Worker Institute associates and ILR Career Services Office to help identify and secure semester, summer and/or post graduate internships with a union.

Research and practitioner contacts

ILR resident faculty members often connect students with Worker Institute extension associates for help with research for term papers, honors theses, and other projects. Worker Institute colleagues are closely connected to practitioners in unions, agencies, social justice and non-traditional groups promoting collective representation. We are pleased to share these contacts with ILR students.

Career Counseling

Worker Institute associates also offer assistance to students to help facilitate job searches by offering job search advice, making contacts within unions and by reviewing resumes.

WISP (Winter Intersession Program)

In New York City and Rochester, the Worker Institute arranges workplace tours for ILR students during winter break.  Students go behind the scenes to talk with labor and management representatives at selected workplaces.  Locations have included Broadway theaters, factories, union halls, construction sites, TV/movie studios, healthcare facilities, and museums.

For more information about these opportunities, please contact Kimberly Cook at