About Union Communication Services

Union Communication Services (UCS), North America’s premier publisher and distributor of labor education materials, is now powered by The Worker Institute at Cornell. Since 1981, UCS has produced hands-on tools that help unions and worker rights groups build their organizations and respond to day-to-day challenges on the job.

Among its publications are Steward Update newsletter, read by some 70,000 union stewards across North America, and the best-selling Union Steward’s Complete Guide. UCS also offers an annual catalog of labor books that includes 16 titles published by UCS along with nearly 100 other books selected for their relevance to the labor community.

UCS was founded in 1981 by David Prosten In 2014, he gifted UCS to The Worker Institute at Cornell University’s ILR School, so that his work could go forward while at the same time supporting and complementing the work of the much-respected Institute.