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Labor Leading on Climate Initiative

Union woman worker wearing a hard hat and standing in front of solar panels

The Labor Leading on Climate Initiative advances knowledge, policies, and practices to enhance the role of labor and working people in addressing the environmental and climate crises.

A Worker-First Green New Deal with Lara Skinner | Jacobin Show

Lara Skinner on The Jacobin Show Flyer

Lara Skinner, Director of the Worker Institute’s Labor Leading on Climate Initiative at Cornell University, ILR School, joins the show on Wednesday, March 17th, to discuss the critical role of unions in the fight for climate protection and clean energy and why the Green New Deal must begin with the labor movement.

The Jacobin Show airs every Wednesday at 6 PM ET and offers a socialist perspective on class and capitalism in the twenty-first century, the failures of liberalism, and the prospects of rebuilding a left labor movement in the US. The hosts are Jen Pan, Ariella Thornhill, and Paul Prescod.