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Labor Leading on Climate Initiative

Union woman worker wearing a hard hat and standing in front of solar panels

The Labor Leading on Climate Initiative advances knowledge, policies, and practices to enhance the role of labor and working people in addressing the environmental and climate crises.

Skinner to Speak at the Virtual Boston Labor Conference: Labor, Climate Change, and Political Power

Boston Labor Conference Flyer

Lara Skinner, Director of the Worker Institute’s Labor Leading on Climate Initiative, will participate in a “Labor and a Just Transition" panel discussion as part of the Virtual Boston Labor Conference: Labor, Climate Change, and Political hosted by the Labor Resource Center (LRC) at the College of Liberal Arts of the University of Massachusetts Boston on Friday, March 12th.

The Labor Resource Center at UMass Boston is hosting three forums that focus on labor and climate change, an issue that has potential for unifying working people, but that has also proven to be a potential source of division for the labor movement.

The "Labor and a Just Transition" panel session will discuss "what a “just transition” looks like that dramatically lowers carbon emissions, prioritizes working people, and redistributes wealth, how will the needs of workers in energy-intensive industries, or those impacted by environmentally-driven shifts in trade policy, be addressed, and how do we guarantee that workers in “extractive” industries successfully negotiate changes while also ensuring that those in “green/expanding” industries are unionized and justly rewarded in terms of pay and benefits. 

Panelists include: 

  • Carol Zabin, University of California, Berkeley
  • Bob Bower, Political Director of the Massachusetts AFL-CIO

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