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Labor Leading on Climate Initiative

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The Labor Leading on Climate Initiative advances knowledge, policies, and practices to enhance the role of labor and working people in addressing the environmental and climate crises.

Skinner to be Honored at the 2021 Movement Builders Awards

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Lara Skinner, Director of the Worker Institute’s Labor Leading on Climate Initiative, will be honored with the 2021 ALIGN Movement Builders Awards, on September 21st, at the IBEW Electrical Industry Training Center in Long Island City, NY.

Dr. Skinner started the Labor Leading on Climate Initiative to study the labor and employment impacts of climate change and clean energy and help unions engage in the public debates around climate change and the transition to a low carbon economy.

The ALIGN Movement Builders Awards, a yearly tradition where leaders in social, economic, and environmental justice are recognized. Since its inception Align has had the honor of celebrating countless individuals and groups at the forefront of making New York City a true model for progress on a national level.