Gendered Workplace

Course Description

This course examines a range of issues surrounding the experience of gender in the modern workplace. Topics will include such things as the historical role of gender in the workplace and workplace sex segregation; norms of masculinity; the intersectionality of issues including race, lgbtq, and disability; gendered legal issues; work-family issues; pay equity; gender discrimination; harassment and bullying; union representation;and many others. Students will be exposed to both research and practical applications of various topics.

The class meets once a week with a different guest speaker each week. These guest speakers will address their own areas of research and teaching expertise. Students are expected to attend and participate in each weekly session.


Prof. Ileen A. DeVault,

Student Testimonials

As a women about to (hopefully) enter the workforce, I felt a desire to learn what the history of women in the workforce is and what are some issues that women have overcome (or are overcoming) there. This desire lead me to enroll in "The Gendered Workplace" and so far I feel like this will be the right class for me to get what I'm looking for.

I would have to admit that the primary reason why the course caught my eye is because I am curious. ...I am deeply and incurably addicted to finding new paradigms of understanding and perceiving the world, and surprisingly, gender is a lens I have yet to peer through.

Overall, I enjoyed our first lecture and came across a lot of new and exciting information that I found myself discussing with several of my friends throughout the week. I am very excited for this course and our future lectures.