Lead Supervisor/Contractor

A lead supervisor is trained to supervise and conduct abatements, and to prepare occupant protection plans and abatement reports.

This workshop is a 4-day class which meets the training requirements for individuals supervising or overseeing project-based activities. Topics covered are: health effects, medical monitoring, personal protective equipment, hazard control activities, engineering controls, legal liability, insurance considerations, supervisory practices, and hazardous waste disposal. Also includes interactive exercises on job costing.

In the hands-on exercises, participants will have demonstrated and practice establishment of a containment area and multi-stage decontamination areas. Participants will don appropriate personal protective equipment including respiratory protection and disposable coveralls with hood, gloves, and boots. Performance will be corrected and discussed.

A mock abatement will be conducted in a residential or near-residential setting (or where necessary in a mock up) where participants working in small groups will prepare for abatement by covering floors with 6 mil plastic covering ducts and penetrations, and constructing "I" or "Z" doors. Abatement and clean up methods will be discussed in a plenary with instructors. Instructors will critique student skills and mock reports and encourage mutual criticism and skills building in the exercises.

A mock abatement estimation exercise will include development/presentation of abatement alternatives with cost estimates. Mutual criticism, discussion, and instructor feedback will be used to assess skills.

The supervisor course comprises Course #140 and is approved by Cornell Medical College for 3 credit hours.