Lead Risk Assessor

A lead risk assessor is trained to conduct risk assessments; and also samples for the presence of lead in dust and soil for the purposes of abatement clearance testing.

This workshop is a 2-day class taken either (1) in conjunction with the Lead Inspector class or (2) by someone already trained as a lead inspector. This is for persons doing comprehensive site inspections into potential sources of lead poisoning. The risk assessor assists homeowners, tenants, multiple-family dwellings and others in real estate to identify and contribute to the reduction of lead-based paint in residential dwellings. Participants will be introduced to a variety of investigation practices such as EBL (elevated blood lead) investigations, bypass hazard identification, and re-assessment.

In the hands-on exercises, participants will have demonstrated and practice the conduct of dust wipe samples, soil samples, and paint chip samples including chain of custody, labeling and quality assurance/quality control issues related to taking environmental samples and selection of qualified laboratories. Pros and cons of chemical methods will be discussed and demonstrated. Hands-on use of an XRF will include calibration procedures and recording/documentation of inspection. Performance will be corrected and discussed.

A mock inspection will be conducted in a residential or near-residential setting where participants working in small groups will generate a floor plan, use at least one model of XRF, make measurements of lead in selected surfaces, and generate a mock report for discussion in a plenary and with instructors. Instructors will critique student skills and mock reports and encourage mutual criticism and skills building in the exercises.

A mock risk assessment will include taking dust wipe samples, interview practices, mock report generation, and development/presentation of abatement alternatives with cost estimates. Mutual criticism, discussion, and instructor feedback will be used to assess skills.

The combination of the lead inspector class and the lead risk assessor class comprises Course #141 and is approved by Cornell Medical College for 3 credit hours.