Lead-Based Paint Training

Lead-based paints pose hazards for workers and the public that require investigation and mitigation by skilled and knowledgeable specialists. Cornell-ILR runs workshops on lead inspection, risk assessment and abatement that defines and teaches hazard abatement and investigation techniques. We offer both initial and refresher training for supervisors, inspectors, risk assessors, and workers. These workshops have been accredited and approved in New York State by the Environmental Protection Agency, Region 2.

We teach seven different courses, two of which have been approved for credit by Cornell Medical College: Lead Inspector and Lead Risk Assessor, both of which must be taken to earn a total of three credits, and Lead Supervisor/Contractor, itself worth three credits. Successful completion of any course offered by Cornell-ILR requires a written examination and a passing evaluation of a hands-on skills assessment. Students who expect to work as EPA-certified lead inspectors, risk assessors, or supervisor-contractors, must also pass an exam given by the EPA.

Classes are scheduled throughout New York State, and can be delivered on-site at an organization's request.

For More Information

Nellie J. Brown, M.S., C.I.H., Director
Workplace Health and Safety Programs
Lead Training Programs Manager
(716) 852-4191