Customized Training

The Worker Institute faculty have experience in most industries and can design a program around the particular needs and characteristics of your organization. In addition, all Worker Institute and Cornell ILR courses and workshops can be customized to fit your specific needs.

Examples include:

  • Specialized training for a union bargaining committee and staff preparing to engage in a public or private sector collective bargaining
  • Team building for a new union executive board or staff
  • Strategic research training for union leaders in a specific industry
  • Training for union stewards/delegates or internal organizers on building membership involvement and contract enforcement
  • Training on "Managing and Supervising with Labors Values" tailored to your union

To discuss your organization's training needs contact:

Kim Cook
Extension Faculty
New York City Office, (212) 340-2824

Linda Donahue
Senior Policy Analyst
Rochester Office, (585)-262-7860

Arthur Wheaton
Workplaces & Industry Education Specialist
Buffalo Office, (716) 852-4191