People at The Worker Institute

Leadership Team

Ileen DeVault
Academic Director, The Worker Institute
Professor of Labor History

Lara Skinner
Executive Director, The Worker Institute

Faculty and Staff

Rachel Aleks
Assistant Professor, Labor Relations, Law, and History

Ron Applegate

Rosemary Batt
Alice Cook Professor of Women and Work

Kate Bronfenbrenner
Director of Labor Education Research

Nellie Brown
Director of Workplace Health & Safety Programs
716.852.4191 ext.111

Patricia Campos-Medina
Co-Director, NYS AFL-CIO/Cornell Union Leadership Institute

Gene Carroll
Co-Director, NYS AFL-CIO/Cornell Union Leadership Institute

Alex Colvin
Kenneth F. Kahn '69 Dean and the Martin F. Scheinman '75, 'MS '76 Professor of Conflict Resolution

Lance Compa
Senior Lecturer

Maria Cook
Professor, Department of International and Comparative Labor
and Department of Labor Relations, Law, and History

Kim Cook
Extension Associate Faculty

Linda Donahue
Senior Extension Associate

Maria Figueroa
Chair, Precarious Work Initiative

Eli Friedman
Assistant Professor, International and Comparative Labor

Shannon Gleeson
Associate Professor, Labor Relations, Law, and History

Jeffrey M. Grabelsky
Co-Director, National Labor Leadership Initiative, Worker Institute at Cornell

Kati Griffith
Proskauer Assistant Professor in Employment and Labor Law

James Gross
Professor, Labor Relations, Law, and History

Richard Hurd
ILR Associate Dean for External Relations
Professor of Industrial and Labor Relations

Sally Klingel
Director of Labor Management Relations

Sarosh Kuruvilla
Professor, Industrial Relations, Asian Studies and Public Affairs
Department Chair, International & Comparative Labor

Risa Lieberwitz
Professor of Labor and Employment Law

Beth Livingston
Assistant Professor

Verónica Martínez-Matsuda
Assistant Professor

Veronica Moore
Office Administrator and Lead Programs Coordinator

Sherrie Morales
Program Coordinator, National Labor Leadership Initiative
and Union Leadership Institute

Kathleen Mulligan
Co-Director, National Labor Leadership Institute

Anna Rivera
Program Coordinator

Anne Sieverding
Administrative Assistant

William Sonnenstuhl
Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies

Lowell Turner
Professor, International & Comparative Labor

KC Wagner
Director, Workplace Issues, ILR School
Co-Chair, Equity at Work, Worker Institute

Arthur Wheaton
Director, Western NY Labor and Environmental Programs