ULI Class of 2017




  • There’s no doubt in my mind that what we learned in this Institute as labor leaders will carry us through the tumultuous times ahead. 

    - Randi DiAntonio, ULI Class of 2018


    ULI is a safe space where I developed my leadership in many ways. As an immigrant and a woman of color, it allowed me to build my individual goals and bring them to a collective scale to project them into the labor movement. The institute is a transformative experience that advances leaders and brings them to another level. ULI also serves as a vehicle or bridge to build real solidarity in the labor and social justice movements by bringing together people from different institutional backgrounds. As a leader, I feel more confident, empowered, and secure. And I can assure you that my fellow classmates had a similar experience.”

    - Rosanna Rodríguez, ULI Class of 2018


    “ULI is a powerful experience.It helps adjust one’s vision and realign one’s values towards addressing issues of social and economic justice. Labor leaders often get caught in the tidal wave of daily responsibilities, but the ULI program teaches us to be proactive and strategic so we can harness our abilities to both better serve our members and lead our organizations towards impactful change in society. The bonds of solidarity formed within each cohort ensures that the silos between sectors, industries, and unions break down so we can learn from each other during our time together. But more importantly, ULI helps us come together to advance the interest of the labor movement and the worker justice movement for years to come.

     - Christopher Erikson Jr., ULI Class of 2017


  • "When I started ULI, I didn’t know what to expect. ULI has taken me on an amazing, unexpected, journey of self-discovery and empowerment. I now have so many new skills that I use at my local and I have made so many new friends. Attending ULI has been such a big and transformational moment in my life and I will always cherish my time learning from the Faculty and all my colleagues.”

     - Shavelle Knox, ULI Class of 2020-2021