Sponsoring Union Nomination Form

Dear Labor Leader:

We are very pleased that your organization has decided to nominate and sponsor an individual to attend the New York State AFL-CIO/Cornell Union Leadership Institute. Submission of this nomination form begins the review process for your nominee. Once our office has received this form, you will be contacted by phone to continue the evaluation. Please provide below the phone number at which you are most easily reached for this discussion.

Please complete the Sponsoring Union Nomination Form. All fields of the form must be completed for your nomination to be accepted (except for fax and cell phone numbers if the person doesn't have them). You may add additional nominees using the "Add another nominee" button at the bottom of the form.

Nominations must be received by April 30 to be considered for July's program.

ULI Sponsoring Union Nomination Form

Union Sponsor Information
Financial Officer Information
Participant Information (Union Nominee)
Is the nominee an elected officer? *
Is the nominee a staff member? *
Financial Approval
I nominate the person named above to the NYS AFL-CIO/Cornell Union Leadership Institute on behalf of our labor organization. Our organization will provide the financial support necessary for the nominee's participation. This constitutes a tuition fee payment totaling $8450 for the year-long ULI program, minus any applicable financial aid. The tuition includes all class materials and meals while attending any Union Leadership Institute program-sponsored activity. The sponsoring union or labor organization is responsible for travel and lodging costs. (For questions regarding tuition and other fees, please contact Union Leadership Institute Co-Director, Gene Carroll, at 212-340-2853 or gc32@cornell.edu.)