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Dropping a Course

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Dropping during the first seven weeks

During the first seven weeks of a semester you may change registration in elective courses simply by completing and turning in a drop form. When the form has been signed by the necessary parties (the instructor and an advisor from OSS, 101 Ives Hall) and entered into the University record, you are no longer registered in the course. After the first three weeks of the term, OSS staff will request that you sign a second form stating that you have discussed any consequences of the drop before completing it.

Petitioning to drop a course after seven weeks

Beginning in the eighth week of the semester, you may drop a course only if a petition to drop is approved by the Faculty Committee on Academic Standards and Scholarships. The ILR faculty agrees that you may leave a course if there are factors beyond your control (illness or injury) that prevent you from completing it. Not doing well in a course, by itself, is not regarded as a reason for dropping a course. Petition forms are available in OSS, 101 Ives Hall. The counselor/advisor from whom you receive the form will be the person who informs you about the decision on your petition. Stop to see your counselor if a week has gone by and you have not heard if the petition was approved or denied.

While awaiting approval of your petition

Petitions may be denied, so do not leave a course or stop attending until the petition has been approved and the drop has been recorded.


If the petition is approved - after the seventh week in the term - the notation "W" will be entered on your record to show that you attended half of the course in that semester. If you register for the same course again at a later time, the W remains and a grade will be recorded for the second registration.